Top Ten Soda Flavors That Should Be Made

I love drinking soda, but I think it's time to add some new flavors to these amazing drinks. Feel free to add your ideas also

The Top Ten

1 Coca Cola Bacon

A lot of people love bacon so why not give this a try? - Jonerman

As long as they don't include the fats...I lve becon, but I HATE the fats!

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2 Dr. Pepper Strawberry

I'd definitely love to taste this! - Britgirl

I'd try it! I love anything with strawberries involved! - Pegasister12

3 Sprite Blueberry

Blueberry soda sounds delicious! - JamesNortonSucks

I haven't tasted any blueberry sodas, but I'd love to try one! - Fandom_Lover

4 Mtn. Dew Orange Creamsicle


5 Dr. Pepper Snow cream

I love snow cream, so please make this one - Jonerman

6 Pepsi Frappuccino
7 Coca Cola Pumpkin Pie
8 Pepsi Chocolate
9 Dr. Pepper Birthday Cake
10 Mtn. Dew Rainbow Sherbet

The Contenders

11 Cream Soda and Chocolate Sauce

Whoever made this, is a GENIUS! - SmashBall

@SmashBall - Thank you! - Britgirl

12 Mystery

Maybe make it similar to AirHeads's mystery flavor mechanic? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I admit this is actually a great idea - Jonerman

It's different every time so like Pepsi and mtn dew mixed or something and it can only be bought in cans and bottles.

13 Pepsi Banana
14 Hot Coca Cola
15 White Chocolate Coca Cola
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