Top 10 Solo Pink Floyd Albums

Greatest solo albums by David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Rick Wright and Syd Barrett outside of Pink Floyd.

The Top Ten

1 About Face - David Gilmour
2 The Madcap Laughs - Syd Barrett
3 Radio K.A.O.S - Roger Waters
4 Broken China - Rick Wright
5 Amused to Death - Roger Waters

Great album! great message! Great songwriting! Amused to Death has always had a strong impact on me, in fact, after listening to it, I was afraid to watch T.V.! I sure hope the world isn't actually amusing itself to death.

6 Rattle that Lock - David Gilmour

You have to listen to this. Rattle that Lock is the Bomb! Especially the title track.

7 Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports - Nick Mason

Honestly, it's not that good. There's maybe one good song on it. That's it. - MaxPap

Ummm, I don't think this should be on here. You see, Columbia wanted to join in and get some money from the success of Pink Floyd. So they had Carla Bley do an album with Mason as the drummer, then release it under his name. It should be called Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports by Carla Bley.

8 Wet Dream - Rick Wright

This is such a beautiful and emotional album. Rick and David have written some of Floyds best, that's why they're solo albums are so good. Just listen to it.

9 On an Island - David Gilmour
10 Is This the Life We Really Want? - Roger Waters

Great album! We've been waiting for this for so many years, and it was worth it! - Merkwurdigliebe

The Contenders

11 The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking - Roger Waters

A lot of people say that this album never grabs them no matter how many times they listen to it. I don't see it like that at all. When I was listening to it, the first few songs were kinda, heh, but as I kept listening through the album, I liked more and more. Then by the end, I was hooked!

12 David Gilmour - David Gilmour
13 Identity - Zee
14 Barrett - Syd Barrett
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1. Amused to Death - Roger Waters
2. Is This the Life We Really Want? - Roger Waters
3. Broken China - Rick Wright
1. About Face - David Gilmour
2. The Madcap Laughs - Syd Barrett
3. Radio K.A.O.S - Roger Waters


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