Top 10 Solutions to Water Scarcity

Water scarcity is one of the biggest water issues in the world. Here are potential solutions

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1 Use less water

Your right. I was gonna say eliminate bottle flips, but that would make you do what this says, use less water.

It's correct

Think about it, when you are showering, a 10 minute shower is about 20 gallons of water wasted. Try and only use water for the things you really actually need it for. - CoolCat999

2 Improve irrigation and agricultural practices

The #1 irrigated crop is... Grass. From front lawns. The idea is stupid and so we should get rid of extensive and unnecessarily large front lawns. We should also consider eating less (not none, just less) meat because that takes thousands more gallons to get from farm to fork. - keycha1n

There are some methods of agriculture and irrigation that use a lot of water, but some don't realize there are ones that are more conservative for water usage. - CoolCat999

3 Solar powered treatment

Using energy efficient treatment is not only more natural, but also cheaper, which is good because we are using less money for individuals, and more for everyone! - CoolCat999

4 Recycle wastewater

Recycling water water is good because we can save more water. - CoolCat999

5 Invent new water conservation technologies

There is the future and who knows what will come out as a good invention! The main idea is to overall conserve more clean water without loads of money getting put in. - CoolCat999

6 Make more well-digging companies

Water recycles itself on earth so water conservation is a waste of money. Just dig more wells.

The more wells the better because there will be more available water. - CoolCat999

7 Appropriately price water

Water these days are sometimes a bit overpriced, and cheaper water can help those in need. - CoolCat999

8 Reduce pollution

AN issue with scarcity is not that they don't have water, it's that they don't have clean water. Reducing pollution can ensure more safe water with less deaths of infections that come from dirty water. - CoolCat999

We should also stop fracking. That takes a ridiculous amount of water with not enough benefits. - keycha1n

9 Educate people on issue

The more people who know about it, the more unity we have to decrease the issue. - CoolCat999

This seems to be the best solution for many topics including this one.

10 Put more sewage treatment plants worldwide

Installing more sewage plants can help filter out areas that only have unsafe water, and make it usable again! - CoolCat999

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11 Improve water harvesting

"it is true"

12 Plant more trees
13 Rainwater harvesting system
14 Groundwater recharge
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