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1 Reckoning Night

Bought this album and saw it live in concert. Then am on the Reckoning Night team as best album of Sonata Arctica. Complete listenable, and that ship goes quite far! - iliescu

Epic album. Truly a masterpiece.

2 Ecliptica

To me, it's their best work. It's their album that has the "truest" power metal sound, and I also think the ballads, Letter to Dana and Replica, are among the best that they have. The album has a nice balance and song variety, but also with plenty of speed, keyboard, and great harmonization. - pitcele

SA is my best band!
Just the best, but can compare with Silence. Best songs :Mary Lou, Letter to Dana, FullMoon and Picturing the past
Some other great song from other:San Sebastian, Shy and End of this chapter

3 Silence

Why is this album so low do people just not listen to this album, this album belongs up with Ecliptica and Reckoning Night - germshep24

4 Winterheart's Guild
5 Unia

Enjoy nearly every song on this album. Not a big fan of power metal, but this album is an exception.

6 The Days of Grays
7 Stones Grow Her Name
8 Pariah's Child

From the pinnacle (Ecliptica) to the pit (Pariah's child)... - Fjunegull

9 The Ninth Hour
10 Ecliptica: Revisited
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1. Unia
2. Reckoning Night
3. Ecliptica
1. Silence
2. Ecliptica
3. Reckoning Night
1. Ecliptica
2. Silence
3. Winterheart's Guild

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