Best Song on AC/DCs Rock or Bust


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1 Rock or Bust

Their best song for 2014 by my oppinion

2 Play Ball
3 Dogs of War

Definitely the best song on the album. It has something different. Great riff, great chorus, tight drums, epic backing vocals... I'd dare to say that it's their best song ever.

The best song on the album

4 Rock the Blues Away
5 Sweet Candy
6 Baptism by Fire

What a great song! Fantastic intro, riff, love the simple but powerful chorus! And the laugh of Brian after the fourth verse is cool!

7 Hard Times
8 Rock the House

Hard Riff, it's very good and actually rocked my house - shatti

9 Emission Control

I've always thought, right from the first time I listened to the album, that this is the best song on Rock or Bust by far...Brian's voice is one of his best performances ever, that powerful riff and the backing vocals are just fkn awesome..can't believe it's at this place!


10 Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder

Great song played live and better then rock the blues away - SteelCity99

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11 Miss Adventure
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1. Play Ball
2. Baptism by Fire
3. Rock or Bust
1. Rock or Bust
2. Play Ball
3. Sweet Candy
1. Dogs of War
2. Play Ball
3. Rock or Bust

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