Best Song From Agnes Monica's Agnez Mo

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1 Walk

It was so damn cool song ""!

Make me to run.. Always walk ni mater how small..

This song.. It's like, saying.. Keep moving forward!

Good performance

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2 Things Will Get Better
3 Renegade

Just repeat and repeat again for hear this song
This is crazy song
Lady Gaga, Kesha, britney, and christina were mixed in this song
Proud with Agnes

This song is very international taste. My favorite song from Agnes Monica's new Album #AgnezMo. Love love.. You must hear this song and you will crazy, , , ha ha

I love this song so much.. Ima renegade... A a a a a a A..

Is amazing song from agnezmo

4 Flying High

I think I just can't breath if Agnes created a choreography dance for this song.. Its gonna be INCREDIBLE and COOLEST

Its music cam make me fell dance hip hop all the time

We can feel like we flyin high! Good song

Great song n music.. can't wait to see the official video

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5 Be Brave

It's Unique with choir and traditional instrument

Amazing voice, good meaning ❤❤

6 Hide and Seek
7 Shut 'Em Up
8 Bad Girl

Love it so much

9 Let's Fall In Love Again
10 Got Me Figured Out

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11 Coke Bottle

Ft. Timbaland and T. I This song ROCKS

12 Million $ Lover

This is cool, the latest album X

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