Best Song from Amon Amarth's Once Sent from the Golden Hall

The Top Ten Best Song from Amon Amarth's Once Sent from the Golden Hall

1 Victorious March
2 Once Sent from the Golden Hall

The lyrics are pretty good, but this song gets here just for the intro riff. One of my favorite riffs ever. - Whoxcares1

3 The Dragons' Flight Across the Waves

Awesome, powerful lyrics. Amazing guitar work as always. - Whoxcares1

4 Ride for Vengeance

Amazing intro to the greatest melodeath album ever. The raw, untamed fury and rage in Hegg's screams is bone-chilling. The guitars only amplify this. - Whoxcares1

5 Abandoned

Amazing guitars (as with every song on this album), awesome lyrics, Hegg's vocals perfectly echo the man's terror and desperation, and bonus points for talking about Christian lies. - Whoxcares1

6 Friends of the Suncross

Inspirational to a degree, awesome lyrics, and did I mention the album's amazing guitars? - Whoxcares1

7 Without Fear

Frantic, unrelenting, and powerful. - Whoxcares1

8 Amon Amarth

By no means a bad song (this album has no such thing). However, I dislike the change of pace and how long the song drones on for. - Whoxcares1

9 Siegreicher Marsch

Cool song, belongs on Versus the World. The downtuning from C to B does not make this song better. - Whoxcares1

10 Abandoned (Live)

Had to fill tenth spot. This one was never played live before this recording; figured it deserved the spot. - Whoxcares1

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