Best Song from Drake's Views


The Top Ten

1 One Dance

His First Number 1!

Best song of him

By far the best 'pop' song Drake has

great song

2 Weston Road Flows

Weston road flows is the best song one the album don't care what any one says No1

3 Controlla
4 Hype

This is so good when the volume is all the way up - Ajkloth

5 Still Here
6 With You
7 Pop Style
8 Hotline Bling

Slightly better than too good, but best drake song ever

9 Grammys

Future low key ruined it for me but still low drakes part like top 5 no debating for sure

How is this not in the top 10, but one dance, too good, and controlla are?

10 Too Good

Love it. Has such a good beat and Rihanna sounds fantastic on this. - Forhad_765

First - ParasN2000

The Contenders

11 Fire and Desire

This song is deserves to be in the top 10

It should be number 2

Most Underrated


Views is one of the best songs on the album

13 Keep the Family Close
14 9

I hate drake so much, but this is honestly the best song on views

Turn the 6 upside down it's a nine now - Ajkloth

One of the only songs where drake shows his desire to be great, something most of this album lacks, too many love songs and purposeful pop hits. It's a pretty moving track that harks back to the drake who wanted to be big and who always found a way to move you e.g. HYFR and Hold on were going home.

15 Feel No Ways
16 Faithful

You ain't fatthful if you don't think this should be in the top ten

17 U With Me?

Is you with me or not

18 Child's Play

Bounce that like whoa

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1. With You
2. Hotline Bling
1. Keep the Family Close
2. Too Good
3. Hotline Bling
1. One Dance
2. Still Here
3. U With Me?

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