Best Song from Drake's Views


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1 One Dance

By far the best 'pop' song Drake has

great song

2 Weston Road Flows

Weston road flows is the best song one the album don't care what any one says No1

3 Hype

This is so good when the volume is all the way up - Ajkloth

4 Still Here
5 Controlla
6 With You
7 Pop Style
8 Grammys

Future low key ruined it for me but still low drakes part like top 5 no debating for sure

9 Too Good

Love it. Has such a good beat and Rihanna sounds fantastic on this. - Forhad_765

First - ParasN2000

10 Hotline Bling

The Contenders

11 Fire and Desire

This song is deserves to be in the top 10

It should be number 2

Most Underrated

12 Keep the Family Close

Views is one of the best songs on the album

14 9

I hate drake so much, but this is honestly the best song on views

Turn the 6 upside down it's a nine now - Ajkloth

One of the only songs where drake shows his desire to be great, something most of this album lacks, too many love songs and purposeful pop hits. It's a pretty moving track that harks back to the drake who wanted to be big and who always found a way to move you e.g. HYFR and Hold on were going home.

15 Faithful

You ain't fatthful if you don't think this should be in the top ten

16 U With Me?

Is you with me or not

17 Child's Play V 1 Comment
18 Feel No Ways
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1. With You
2. Hotline Bling
1. Keep the Family Close
2. Too Good
3. Hotline Bling
1. One Dance
2. Still Here
3. U With Me?

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