Best Song to Feature a Guitar in 2017

The Top Ten

1 Sign of the Times - Harry Styles

Nope. Pretentious bollocks by an overrated, offkey and talentless singer who sings in an annoying falsetto which ruins whatever emotions the song is going for. Oh, and the production is terribly overblown and corny, especially at the climax akin to a bad U2/Coldplay ballad. Garbage. - Mrveteran

Electric Guitar - Thecyanryan

Overrated! - marshmallow123

2 Hard Times - Paramore
3 Lady B. Goode - Chuck Berry
4 All I Got is You - Deep Purple
5 Broken Halos - Chris Stapleton
6 Big Boys - Chuck Berry
7 The Promise - Chris Cornell
8 Hunt You Down - Kesha
9 Malibu - Miley Cyrus
10 The Man - The Killers

The Contenders

11 The Way You Used to Do - Queens of the Stone Age
12 Run - Foo Fighters
13 Coin for the Ferryman - Nickelback

Just another fast-paced, fun banger of a tune by Nickelback, that knows it's silly but totally runs with it.
The kind of Nickelback song that I love. - SuperSonic17

14 Krabbenkoke - Spongebozz
15 Broken - Falling in Reverse
16 Coming Home - Falling in Reverse
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