Top 10 Song Intros Longer Than 2 Minutes

Songs with long intros take you to a long journey even before the singers start singing. Usually these songs are progressive rock or metal but there are exceptions.

Just to remind you, there are many songs that are shorter than 2 minutes, i.e. the entire songs are shorter than the intros to these songs. Songs with long instrumental intros require more work by the listener to fully appreciate.

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21 Never a Word - Deep Purple

2:30 (a song from the album Bananas, 2003) - Metal_Treasure

22 Urn, Pt. I: And Within the Void We Are Breathless - Ne Obliviscaris
23 Intra Venus - Ne Obliviscaris

Singer starts at 2:12 - Metal_Treasure

24 Swalla - Jason Derulo

Note, an intro is a part of a song without vocals. - naFrovivuS

It more than two minutes and I love that song

25 Lazy Song - Bruno Mars

It really is sad no one read the title. It's not "Songs longer than 2 minutes," it's "Song INTROS Longer than 2 Minutes." - naFrovivuS

It's ok that song

26 Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day

Rock ballad with a duration of 9:08

I don't think you understand what a song "intro" is. The intro has no vocals. The vocals start here 1 second in. - naFrovivuS

Rock ballad with a duration of 9:08

27 Foreplay / Long Time - Boston
28 Shine on You Crazy Diamond Part 2
29 Child in Time - Deep Purple

I didn't add this - intro is under 2 minutes. - Metal_Treasure

30 Hospital for Souls - Bring Me the Horizon
31 Home - Dream Theater
32 The Glass Prison - Dream Theater
33 Vincent - Car Seat Headrest
34 Fixxxer - Metallica
35 The Trend - Annihilator

2:30. And in the intro there are TWO solos by Jeff Waters - Metal_Treasure

36 Empire of the Clouds - Iron Maiden
37 Seasons in the Abyss - Slayer
38 The Architect - Haken

Probably one of my favorite intros to a song in recent years. It starts with a low synth that builds up to this chaotic riff, afterwards is some great guitar playing and drumming which all ends at the 3:00 minute mark to open us with the first verse.
Amazing song and the intro is more than enough to get you hooked. - cjWriter1997

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