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1 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Second? The evil that men do is one of the weakest songs on this album, sure its easy to sing along to and still a good song but seventh son of a seventh son is extremely well written has the best instrumental sections I've ever heard and easily the best song on this album closely followed by infinite dreams.

The guitar harmony in the last minute is divine and brilliant only for that minute I listen to this song (I think that the evil that men do is of course number 1 but I voted for the title track to at least be no.2

The others songs in that album even if they are great suck compared to this one. But every song by maiden are awesome but this one is definitely the best in the album.

10 min of sheer brilliance. It goes;
1: Seventh son of a seventh son
2: The evil that men do
3: Infinite dreams

2 The Evil that Men Do

Everyone says that Fear of the Dark at Rock in Rio is the best live performance ever, but I think The Evil That Men Do in Rio was even better.

In my opinion the best single iron maiden has ever produced. Also has the best bridge between verse and chorus that I have ever heard...

This song has the catchiest chorus and is a very well rounded song definitely my favourite from the album

This song, from the intro to the solo and from solo to the end... This song absolutely rules it all, the best song of the álbum for me

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3 Infinite Dreams

There is something inexplicably brilliant about this song. I've been listening to this album almost non stop since I was three years old and whilst songs like Seventh Son of a Seventh Son and Can I Play With Madness will always have a special place in my heart, I can't get over this song. I know that the album is a concept album but this song in particular just resonates with me. The lyrics are phenomenal and will stick with me my entire life. Every word is crafted to perfection, every time I listen to it I almost cry due to the sheer emotion that I find in the words. The guitar, craftsmanship and structure is nothing to sneer at either! Every note feels like it is part of a greater whole to tell a story, the guitar is chilling and insane and Bruce's scream is unforgettable. It is a true masterpiece.

The title track to this album is easily the worst maiden track of the 1980s. It has all of the problems that the angel and the gambler has, plus a lame monologue in the middle. Infinite dreams, is a great track however. It's very unique, the first half has very jazzy elements and then it transitions into a slower mystic metal songs, then Bruce screams and it's an awesome maiden track.

The guitar work on this track is the strongest on the entire album, in my opinion. The twin guitar instrumental in the middle of the song (twice) still gives me the chills; it's that beautiful. Not to mention, the lyrics are quite deep when you actually take the time to listen to them.

It took a long time for me to get into this one, but now I can't stop singing this song.

4 Moonchild

This song has to be at least on the second place below Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son only. It is catchy, fast and shows that Steve Harris is the best metal bassist in the world. Just listen to the middle section during and between solos. Also Bruce is amazing on that track screaming more than never

Why is it hated it's a very good song and a great intro to this album this is my favorite iron maiden album UP THE IRONS

Are you serious? Is there a more badass riff on any song than on Moonchild?

5 The Clairvoyant

Has to be clairvoyant! The opening bass draws me right in which rampages into a wondeorus song with catchy lyrics and fantstic guitars! UP THE IRONS!

6 Can I Play with Madness

It’s not the best, but it deserves to be higher

It is IMPOSSIBLE that Infinite Dreams and Moonchild are better than this masterpiece. The whole song is more upbeat than the title claims. Its misleading which is what I love about it.

I always have to raise my hands every time I hear the last chorus - wolphert

Infinite dreams is better but can I play with madness should be higher

7 Only the Good Die Young

1. The evil that men do 20/20
2. Seventh son of a seventh son 19/20
3. Infinite dreams 19/20
4. Only the good die young 19/20
5. Moonchild 19/20
6. Can I play with madness 17/20
7. The prophecy 16/20
8. The clairvoyant 11/20

"Walking on water, are miracles all you can trust? Measure your coffin, does it measure up to your lust"? - IronSabbathPriest

Vote for this song it's criminally underrated

One of maidens most catchiest underrated songs - wolphert

8 The Prophecy

1. Seventh son of a seventh son
2. Infinite dreams
3. The evil that men do
4. Only the good die young
5. The prophecy
6. Can I play with madness
7. Moonchild
8. The clairvoyant

The intro and the ending is so good

My personal favorite off the album. It's very good and extremely underrated. - Songsta41

9 Black Bart Blues
10 Massacre
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1. Infinite Dreams
2. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
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1. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
2. Infinite Dreams
3. The Clairvoyant
1. Only the Good Die Young
2. The Clairvoyant
3. Moonchild

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