Top Ten Song Lyrics That Could Get You Punched


The Top Ten

1 "Leave the Sewing to the Women" - Cinderelly, Cinderelly

Guys, personal advise from a girl. We live in a society where women want equality. They want to get paid as much as a man and be seen in the world as brave an fearless as a man. (Even though we still want you to open the doors for us, pay for the meals, and you can't punch us. Which isn't even equal. I think that's a really stupid philosophy. It's more hypocritical.) And the worst part is, if you say this, you can't hit them back. - dipperpinesfangirl618

2 "I Got Your Mom Deep Throating" - Rap God

That's funny - bobbythebrony

3 "You Little Stupid A** Bitch" - I Don't F**K With You
4 "F**K Them Skinny Bitches" - All About That Bass
5 "These Hoes Ain't Loyal" - Loyal

Ouch that's exclipt - Toucan

6 "My Friend's Got a Girlfriend and He Hates That Bitch" - Why Don't You Get a Job
7 "When You Find a Man Who Gives a Damn and Treats You Well, He's a Fool, Your Just As Well, Hope It Gives You Hell." - Give You Hell
8 "You Are So Dumb. You Are Really Dumb for Real" - Bed Intruder Song
9 "F**K This S**T" - My Band

How I give up on a math test in my mind. - AnonymousChick

10 "Rape Me My Friend" - Rape Me

Oh, Nirvana. How you cause me so much affection, yet also a black eye after I had sung this song while feeding the ducks at my local park. - MontyPython

The Contenders

11 "Whoop That Trick" - Whoop That Trick

Hustle & Floo - CamAsff

12 "Women Are Only Good for 3 Things: Cooking, Cleaning and Vaginas" - Show Me Your Genitals
13 "If I'm Too Rough, Tell Me, I'm So Scared Your Little Head Will Come Off In My Hands" - Billion Dollar Babies
14 "God Hates Us All! God Hates Us All!" - Disciple
15 "But I'm Not a Slave to a God That Doesn't Exist!" - The Fight Song
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