Best Song On Red Hot Chili Peppers' Mother's Milk

The Top Ten
1 Higher Ground Higher Ground Cover Art

good cover

2 Knock Me Down Knock Me Down Cover Art

The best song of Mother's Milk! This song is so funky and the bass line is awesome! My favorite song now! When I hear this song, I can't stop dancing!

I think this is better than Higher Ground. The opening alone is better than Higher Grounds awesome ending.

3 Nobody Weird Like Me Nobody Weird Like Me Cover Art

My personal favorite red hot chili peppers song ever, the bass is unreal! - wolphert

4 Good Time Boys
5 Subway to Venus
6 Pretty Little Ditty
7 Johnny, Kick a Hole In the Sky
8 Stone Cold Bush

Amazing song

9 Taste the Pain
10 Punk Rock Classic
The Contenders
11 Fire Fire Cover Art
12 Sexy Mexican Maid
13 Magic Johnson Magic Johnson Cover Art

So you put one of the last RHCP songs with the original sound from the debut album on the last three places? what?!

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