Top Ten Best Song of the Sea Characters


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1 Saoirse Saoirse

Once again, if you haven't seen this movie, GO WATCH IT NOW! Now, Saiorse (pronounced SHEER-sha, in case you were wondering) is just amazing. She spends most of the movie mute, which means her facial expressions and body language are extra important, and boy, does her animation deliver. Through just a few lines, her face can express such a wide range of emotions and even though she doesn't speak, we all know exactly what she's thinking. You can just fall in love with her.

I love her to death, to pieces with all my heart no matter what. She's a whole lot, way, far, much cuter than that Anna (Frozen) in every way anyway, isn't she? Take that, Anna from Frozen! My most all time favorite classic character really deserves her own classical film, doesn't she?

(To Anna from Frozen) Sucker! Saoirse's much more adorable and cuter to look at than the likes of you anyway, loser! (sticking tongue out while blowing raspberries at Anna from Frozen right in Anna's stupid, butt ugly face within disgust for Saoirse)

She is more adorable than the likes of that Anna (Frozen) in every way anyway!

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2 Ben Ben
3 Bronagh Bronagh
4 Cu Cu

Cu is just so cute! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

5 Conor
6 The Great Seanachaí
7 Granny
8 Ferry Dan
9 Macha

She looked epic as an owl - Emberflight_of_StormClan

10 Mac Lir

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11 Aisling Aisling

As a cameo - Discord1

12 The Fairies
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