Top 10 Song Titles that Imply Homosexuality


The Top Ten

1 Two Men In Love - The Irrepressibles
2 I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry
3 My Grilfriend's Girlfriend - Type O Negative
4 Gay Bar - Electric Six
5 Androgyny - Garbage
6 Some Girls (Dance With Women) [Stengard Radio Mix] - JC Chasez
7 I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross
8 Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly (Fond Of Each Other) - Willie Nelson
9 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away - The Beatles

Many Beatles fans claim this song was written about the band's gay manager Brian Epstein. There were even rumors that Epstein and John Lennon had an affair while on vacation in 1963. Both men denied the allegations but this song plays during the discussion of Epstein's sexuality in the Anthology video and many believe this actually confirms the allegations. - Metal_Treasure

10 Boys Club - Ween

This song is ABOUT homosexuality

The Contenders

11 Bück Dich - Rammstein
12 Same Love - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
13 Mann Gegen Mann - Rammstein
14 Auf'm Bahnhof Zoo - Nina Hagen Band
15 Paws to the Walls - Niic

The original version used "Mylo" instead of "kick it" and "baby". I guess it was changed because NIIC found a boyfriend before the album's release. - Martin_Canine

16 We Found Us - Tokio Hotel

"We found love in this club tonight / girls and girls and boys and boys"
Judging by Kaulitz's own pansexuality he most likely also meant it. - Martin_Canine

17 Where Have All the Good Men Gone - Conchita Wurst

This one is tricky. Tom Neuwirth is a man and also is not transexual (he is homosexual though), but he only performs in-character as Conchita Wurst, a female stage persona. Most people in Austria think of this person as a woman, because when appearing in the media, it's always as Conchita (and yeah, apart from the beard, the appearance and especially the voice is perfectly female).
So, is this song about men now sung by a man or a woman? - Martin_Canine

18 Du Hast Den Schönsten... - Tic Tac Toe

This is a weird song from the 90s by old school German female hip hop trio Tic Tac Toe about a girl who gets exciting when seeing a man with a beautiful butt. She then decides to go to him and flirt with him, but it turns out he is gay.
For four bars one of the girls actually imitate the gay's voice in the most stereotypical way imaginable.
Yeah... the same girls also made serious songs about drug addiction ("Warum? "), child abuse ("Bitte küss mich nicht"), suicide ("Lass los"), depression ("Spiegel"), and propably even more. - Martin_Canine

19 Gorgeous - Jeffree Star
20 Straight Boys - Jeffree Star
21 I Can Make You a Man - Tim Curry
22 Hot Limit - T.M. Revolution
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