Top 10 Song Titles Many People Have Wrong

This list is about songs where many people know the song by a title that isn't the real title.

The Top Ten

1 Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Yes it's the most common of them all...

Widely known as Rollin’ On The River. - Metal_Treasure

2 Another Brick In the Wall, Pt. 2 - Pink Floyd

Better known as We Don’t Need No Education - Metal_Treasure

3 Baba O'Riley - The Who

Many people call it Teenage Wasteland. - Metal_Treasure

I think teenage wasteland would've suited much better for this song. I didn't really get things with Meher Baba and Terry Riley. - zxm

4 Rainy Day Women #12 & 35” - Bob Dylan

People often call it "Everybody Must Get Stoned" - Metal_Treasure

5 Bring Me to Life - Evanescence

"Wake Me Up" - Martin_Canine

6 19-2000 - Gorillaz

Better known as Get The Cool Shoeshine - Metal_Treasure

7 Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz

Or I ain't happy - waldo

"Sunshine in a Bag" - Martin_Canine

8 Train In Vain - The Clash

Aka Stand By Me - Metal_Treasure

9 Three Little Birds - Bob Marley & The Wailers

"Don't Worry" or "Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright" - Martin_Canine

10 Rock & Roll Part 2 - Gary Glitter

Better known as The Hey Song - Metal_Treasure

The Newcomers

? Joy to the World - Three Dog Night

Commonly called "Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog". I still do this sometimes as a way of distinguishing it from the Christmas carol. - Gg2000

? Chop Suey! - System of a Down

Often called "Self Righteous Suicide". It doesn't help that the original title was simply the word "Suicide". - Gg2000

The Contenders

11 Space Oddity - David Bowie

Aka Ground Control to Major Tom - Metal_Treasure

12 Le Freak - Chic

People call it Freak Out. - Metal_Treasure

13 Kalluri Vaanil - Prabhu Deva

"Benny Lava" - Martin_Canine

14 Metal Health - Quiet Riot

"Bang Your Head"... it's the secondary title of the song, but some people think it's the main title of the song.

15 Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones

I used to call it "Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself". - Gg2000

"Pleased to meet you" - Metal_Treasure

16 Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers

The Ghost Song - Metal_Treasure

17 The 59th Street Bridge Song - Simon & Garfunkel

Feelin’ Groovy - Metal_Treasure

18 I Follow Rivers - Lykke Li

Often called "I Follow You". - Martin_Canine

19 Fairytale Gone Bad - Sunrise Avenue

"Out Of My Mind" - Martin_Canine

20 Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit

"He Says She Says" - Martin_Canine

21 Dragostea Din Tei - O-Zone

"Numa Numa" or "The Numa Numa Dance" - Martin_Canine

22 The Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel

"Hello Darkness" - Martin_Canine

23 Rawhide - Frankie Laine
24 Surfin' Bird - The Trashmen

"Bird is the Word"

25 White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

"Go ask Alice" or "Feed your head" - Metal_Treasure

26 My Name Is - Eminem

"Slim Shady" - Metal_Treasure

27 Schism - Tool Schism - Tool

If I had a nickel for every time someone called it "I Know The Pieces Fit"... - Gg2000

28 Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones

Some people call it "Hey! Ho! Let's Go! ". - Gg2000

29 Sloop John B - The Beach Boys

I used to think it was called "I Wanna Go Home". Having said that, I am kinda justified in a way because it's a traditional folk song from the Bahamas, and some people have recorded it as "I Wanna Go Home". It has quite a few different names. - Gg2000

30 The Weight - The Band

"Take A Load Off Fanny". I never really understood why they called it "The Weight". It made no sense. - Gg2000

31 Song 2 - Blur

Commonly referred to as "Woo-Hoo! ". Anybody wanna guess why? - Gg2000

32 Brain Damage - Pink Floyd

When I was a kid, it took me a long time to find out that there is no Pink Floyd song called "The Dark Side of the Moon". - Gg2000

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