Top Ten Song Titles that Replace the Word "Fight" with "Fart"

I know...I know. I thought I had got it out of my system too (the addiction to the word "fart", that is - not the fart itself) Allow me one more time to make such a list, please? For old times' sake? Blame the song Travelin' Band by Creedence Clearwater Revival for the line "With your fussin' and your fightin'" the way they say "fighting" sounds like they're saying "farting". It does! Have a listen...

Will I apologise for this list? No. For the simple reason it's just a little bit of fun. If you have a sense of humour and would like to add any I've missed, do feel free - or just vote for the one which makes you smile the most.

The Top Ten

1 Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fart Tonight) - The Ramones
2 Fart for All the Wrong Reasons - Nickelback
3 Boys Wanna Fart - Garbage
4 Stan' Up An' Fart - Sammy Davis Jr.
5 Spoilin' for a Fart - AC/DC

Lol that's a good one and you are very funny and you have a good sense of humour

6 I Don't Wanna Fart - Tina Turner
7 I'll Fart for You - Foreigner

No thank you. - Misfire

8 Fart'till Death - Slayer
9 I Ain't Losing the Fart - Bryan Adams
10 Saturday Night's Alright (For Farting) - Elton John

It's just listening to the actual song with fart noises. - Gehenna

I fart only on Saturdays because Sir Elton John said so :-)
But many people don't listen and fart every day, even on Sundays! - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Fart to Be Free - Nuclear Assault

The Band's name makes it a lot better - styLIShT

It's a very positive message, isn't it? ;-) - Metal_Treasure

12 The Good Fart - Jimmy Buffett

My dad's farts are BAD!

13 Fart Like This - Decyfer Down

You've never seen a fart like this before
(Like this before)
I take you down and leave here wanting more
You've crossed the line that I cannot ignore
(Cannot ignore)
You've never seen a fart like this before
(Yeah) - Metal_Treasure

14 Kung Fu Farting - Carl Douglas

Watch the video by OFF PLANET FILMS on YouTube

15 Drink, Fart & F*** - GG Allin

That's not a pretty picture when you imagine it lol - styLIShT

16 We're Gonna Fart - 7 Seconds
17 Fart the Good Fart - Triumph
18 You Gotta Fart for Your Right to Party - Beastie Boys
19 Bar Fart - Delta Heavy
20 Fart the Sunrise - Gareth Emery
21 Street Fart - Getsix
22 Don't Fart It - Melano
23 Fart for You - Morgan Page

I fart for you
I never knew that I could feel this way
I fart for you
This kinda love don't happen every day
I fart for you
I didn't wanna have to raise my voice
I fart for you
You really leave me with no choice - PositronWildhawk

24 Fart My Way - Morgan Page
25 Pillow Farts - Mango & Richard J Aarden
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