Top Ten Song Titles that Replace the Word "Love" with "Idiocy"

So there are some word replacement song title lists, and I wanted to do one of these. So here it is.

The Top Ten

1 Idiocy is in the Air

It happens when you are not careful when you hire airplane pilots - SpectralOwl

2 What is Idiocy

Idiocy is stupid and dumb behavior. Do you need any details? - SpectralOwl

3 Crazy Little Thing Called Idiocy
4 Idiocy Will Keep Us Together

Don't ask me how that works. Just becuase I created the list doesn't mean I know the way this work - SpectralOwl

5 Whole Lotta Idiocy

Not the kind of stuff you want to live with. - SpectralOwl

6 You Give Idiocy a Bad Name

Well, can you find a better name for extremely stupid behavior? - SpectralOwl

7 Where is the Idiocy

Probably In a town that lacks a school. - SpectralOwl

8 How Deep is Your Idiocy
9 We Found Idiocy

Lol, that's great, because "love" can turn people into idiots. Clever list.

I actually didn't think about this list that way. But thanks for your thoughts on this list! - SpectralOwl

In a hopeless place... - SpectralOwl

10 Idiocy Will Tear Us Apart

Now this, I can understand how that works. - SpectralOwl

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