Top Ten Song Titles Replacing "Blue" or "Blues" With Blue Jays

Dedicated to my friend PetSounds as his Toronto Blue Jays and my Yankees face off in their last regular season game of 2015 with the Yanks desperately trying to catch the rival Jays for the division title 😉

The Top Ten

1 Tombstone Blue Jays - Bob Dylan

Since you liked the song so much it gets the number one, lead off spot. Hopefully we'll carve the epitaph when we beat you in the playoffs lol - Billyv

2 Tangled Up In Blue Jays - Bob Dylan

You've been kicking our butts and tangling up our pitching staff - Billyv

3 Steamroller Blue Jays - James Taylor

HA! Beat your Yankees, 4-0. The best part was Canadian catcher (and former Yankee) Russell Martin's three-run homer. - PetSounds

The way your team played in August and the beginning of September. Will it continue? - Billyv

4 Bitter Blue Jays - Cat Stevens

Where we hope to leave you if the Yankees can take the AL championship - Billyv

5 It's All Over Now Baby Blue Jays - Bob Dylan
6 Don't Cry Blue Jays - Jonathan Edwards

Hopefully... Though I'll likely be crying louder 😪 - Billyv

7 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blue Jays - Bob Dylan
8 Roadhouse Blue Jays - The Doors

I'll give credit where it's due - one tough, respected opponent - Billyv

Keep your eyes on the road to November. - PetSounds

9 Blue Jays Eyes Crying In The Rain - Willie Nelson
10 I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blue Jays - Elton John

The Contenders

11 Still Got the Blue Jays - Gary Moore

This is one of my favorite songs by Gary Moore (blues, blues rock). - Metal_Treasure

12 Blue Jays - Gemini
13 Blue Jay Fear - Armin Van Buuren
14 Natural Blue Jays - Moby

Don't nobody know my trouble with birds? - PositronWildhawk

15 Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blue Jays Again - Bob Dylan
16 Story of the Blue Jays - Gary Moore
17 Blue Jay Lips - Regina Spektor
18 Electric Blue Jays - Icehouse
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