Top Ten Song Titles Which Explain Randy Travis' "Reasons I Cheat"

Possible reasons why Randy Travis cheats (his words, not mine) Feel free to give him reasons of your own :)

The Top Ten

1 You Don't Love Me - The Allman Brothers Band
2 I Can't Help Myself - Four Tops

Carpal tunnel? :).

Haha CTS... a man's alibi for honestly saying "I haven't actually been cheating on you, my sweet"... :). - Britgirl

3 Feel Like Making Love - Bad Company
4 She Don't Gimmie No Lovin' - King King

So, then, she does?

5 I Can't Make You Love Me - Bonnie Raitt

But she can seize yer... luggage... 'til you change yer mind.

6 Bored to Death - Blink 182
7 I'm An Animal - The Animals
8 I'm Only Human - Gretchen Wilson
9 I Like It Rough - Lady Gaga

We had a gal like that down to Soggy Bottom. Ev'body call'er Sandpaper Sue;).

10 We Don't Talk Anymore - Cliff Richard

Hmm...the old classic "My wife doesn't understand me." - Britgirl

Because she's stone deaf, AND speaks Esperanto:).

The Contenders

11 Night Time is the Right Time - Ray Charles

Q: Why do men get out of bed at night?
A: To go home. - Britgirl

12 I Can't Get No Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones
13 I Got Love - Nate Dogg
14 I F*cked Up - Madonna
15 I F*cked Up Again - Big B
16 I F****** Hate You - Godsmack
17 I F****D My Aunt - The Lonely Island
18 Gamblin' Man - Bonnie Raitt
19 Too Many Drivers - Paul Butterfield's Better Days

What's sauce for the goose is a slander on the gander? Ah think not.

20 Musta Got Lost - J. Geils Band

Rabbits can never seem to remember which hole is home either. - Britgirl

"Might be your hare, I don't know."
Well if that's the case..."Hey, man you can't lickety split." :). - Britgirl

"Cause there's a hare down there,
Might be your hare, I don'know":).

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