Top Ten Song Titles Which Replace the Word "Like" with "Lick"

Saw an excellent list about song titles replacing "Love" with "Lick" so...

The Top Ten Song Titles Which Replace the Word "Like" with "Lick"

1 Just Lick a Woman - Bob Dylan
2 Lick a Virgin - Madonna

I saw this one and now I can't unthink whats going through my head... I don't Lick it very much - Curti2594

Add image to this revamped song title?... Haha umm...No, I don't think so... - Britgirl

3 Someone Lick You - Adele
4 I Lick It - Jerry and the Pacemakers
5 Just Lick Me - Paul Revere and the Raiders
6 That's the Way I Lick It - KC and the Sunshine Band

Thank you for telling me that's the way you Lick it! - Curti2594

7 Lick a Rock - Bob Seger
8 How Do You Lick Me Now. - Toby Keith
9 No One Lick You - Scorpions

Wow interesting replacement. - Curti2594

This is the one that sounds the best to me :D

10 I Lick It Rough - Lady Gaga

The Contenders

11 Lick to Get to Know You Well - Howard Jones
12 Lick a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan

Many of you will want to do this, but the question is, which one? Mick? Keith? Bill? Charlie? Mick T.? Ronnie? I'll leave it up to you guys to choose. - Gg2000

13 I Lick You (A Lot) - Justin Timberlake
14 I Lick How It Feels - Enrique Iglesias

Haha this one if my fave of all the options though I could see it not being out of place with this song. - Curti2594

15 Girls Lick - Tinie Tempah and Zara Larsson
16 Just Lick Jesse James - Cher

This made me laugh! Thank you for adding, MT :). - Britgirl

17 We Lick It Loud - Rough Cutt
18 Do You Lick Worms? - The Beach Boys
19 Smells Lick Teen Spirit - Nirvana
20 Lick a Boy - Ciara
21 Love You Lick a Love Song - Selena Gomez
22 That's What I Lick - Bruno Mars
23 I Don't Lick the Drugs (The Drugs Lick Me) Marilyn Manson
24 I Lick It - Cardi B
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