Beauty Behind The Madness - The Weeknd (Album Review)(Part 1 of 2)


I've just finished watching this week's Billboard BREAKDOWN. That's it.

So, what do we have today? The Weeknd's 2nd studio album which features a wide array of guests (just 3, but still), TWO Michael Jackson songs, TWO Billboard Hot 100 #1's, Abel's never-stopping growth as an artist and a weird-for-The-Weeknd central theme of 'love conquers all'. So without further ado, let's begin one of my BEST REVIEWS OF ALL TIME!


P.S.- I know that Spark_of_Life has already done something like this and before I even begin writing, I can predict that this will be nowhere near as good as he did. But still, trying never hurts.

1. Real Life
Our 1st song serves very well as an opener, but I still have doubts whether it can stand on its own as a song. I mean, sure, the dramatic and mostly sad violin and the lyrics about the fact that Abel won't change his evil ways because he is living a REAL life are somewhat new to The Weeknd, but just like Wonkey noted, everyone expects him to sing about drugs, women, money and most-of-all, the self-destruction that comes with it. But this abruptly cuts off from all of that. Then again, new album, new content. This might grow on me, but as of now, I'm not sure.

Best Part of the Song - The intro (One of the BEST ways to start an album is to have EXTREME guitar riffs at the very beginning. BADASSSSSS!)

2. Losers (Ft. Labrinth)
Well damn, I'm starting to have good feelings about this and The Weeknd brings in ANOTHER good, this time even better, track. The lyrics pointing out to the fact that Abel ran away from home when he was 17 and still became successful, without the need for education is, again, painting a new Weeknd, who no longer sings about the usual. Also, the music. The trumpets are hiralious (because they're the last thing you'd expect in a The Weeknd song, admit it) and bring fun while the piano (a regular) fights the light with it's own darkness. And somehow the contradictions make the song more beautiful than it already is.

Best Part of The Song - The beat drop (Tell me the name of 1 song that has one better than this, a challenge.)

3. Tell Your Friends
Man, we were at a streak. To simply put it, this song to me is what Antidote was to Ethan (you know which Ethan I'm talking about, right?). Nothing else to say here.

Best Part of the Song - Abel collaborated with Kanye (which doesn't change anything much. Just add him to the list of big-names The Weeknd has has worked together with)

4. Often
Oh my God, The Weeknd is back! Yay!

To tell you the truth, this is a WEIRD song to talk about. The production has no problems that I can nit-pick upon, the lyrics are in familiar territory and the sample he uses blends well with the atmosphere of the song. So, in other words, this is a FLAWLESS song, but all of us know that it isn't a GREAT song. Maybe it is the fact that it is everything about The Weeknd done right, but that's it. It doesn't try anything new, unusual for an album that's full of that. It is your average The Weeknd song. But it is still good, I'll give you that.

Best Part of the Song - Dunno, mate.

5. The Hills
Everyone has talked about this. Guess it's my turn now.

Well, let me tell you, this song was the 1st The Weeknd song I'd ever heard. I'm pretty sure the same applies to others, considering that it got popular in the mainstream. But what surprises me the most is the fact that THIS SONG, with no traces of pop in it at all, somehow managed to be USA's #1 song for SIX WEEKS! What's more, it was one of the better songs that hit that spot. One of the main reasons why 2015 was a great year for music was the fact that Abel Tesfaye became popular, and you can't argue that.

As for the song itself, I have no words about it. Like, everything I wanted to say about it has been said about it (while I write this, Lust For Life plays on my TV. Good Mood). All I can say is that Abel doesn't need to do Michael Jackson-inspired songs, The Weeknd is a Living Legend himself.

Best Part of the Song - The little harmonization he does in Chorus 3 during the line "I only love it when you touch me, not feel me" (That's a particular moment which gives me goosebumps. Otherwise, the whole song is fire, especially what I think are violins, you know, the thing that plays the whole time)

6. Acquainted
Okay, critics say this song is bad (LP Club said this is one of the worst songs of all time and both theneedledrop and Spectrum Pulse said it was the worst song on the album) while fans say it is one of the best (#7 on the list, but still). I seem to swing both ways (you better not think THAT).

While the melody for Acquainted is good, I'll admit, the lyrics are cheesy to the point where even I think that Abel is a douchebag. And then the transition kicks in. And then the demon returns...


Best Part of the Song - Really?

7. Can't Feel My Face
Okay, I am gonna be in a minority because, this isn't a good song.

I mean, the song is not in any way BAD but the facts related to it makes me feel angry towards it. Just look at it. This song had 5 writers (and more, if ghostwriters were involved) and the no. of lines in the song is 10. 10! And yes, the song is unique, but comparing cocaine to a girl isn't exactly clever, even by The Weeknd's standards. So, sorry, this isn't for me.

Best Part of the Song - MJ

Midway Rankings
7. Tell Your Friends
6. Can't Feel My Face
5. Real Life
4. Acquainted
3. Often
2. Losers (Ft. Labrinth)
1. The Hills

Sorry for the delay. Part 2 will come up tomorrow. And my life will be ruined.



Good review - ProPanda

I gave this an 8/10
Best Tracks: In The Night, Often, Real Friends, Lsers, Aquainted
Worst tracks: Prisoner - ProPanda

Uhh...what is 'Real Friends'? A mashup of Real Life and Tell Your Friends? - PhenomentalOne

Still, how does that apply over here? I mean sure it is by Kanye, but it was on The Life Of Pablo, so what do you mean? Do you like both songs or it was a mistake on your side?
P.S. - Starboy coming up in 1 hour. - PhenomentalOne