Tim Rice-Oxley


I run out of words every time I have to talk about this amazing lyricist. He has a god-given gift with words, he's a total workaholic that loves music and you can sense that in his songs. He knows exactly how to go straight to your heart writing songs that describe your own feelings in a way not even yourself could do. His lyrics are very deep and dark but they always have a sense of hope that warms your heart. He's a real genius, he often locks himself in his studio to write non stop for 12 hours not because he has to, but because he feels the need to. I was lucky enough to have the chance to tell him in person that he's the best songwriter in the entire world, he just smiled shyly not really believing my words, but I'm glad there're thousands of us that know for sure he is.

Tim is a great songwriter in all aspects. His melodies are very touchy and emotional, he can express his feelings in the harmonies of his songs, his musical arrangements are very well-worked, and his lyrics are so deep and honest, I guess he can touch every human's soul when he writes a song. I'm very proud of being his fan, he is one of the only musicians who can save the music of this generation. His art is so beautiful and so human, he is an inspiration for me and for a lot of other young songwriters, you know, he's our maestro.

Tim Rice-Oxley is a master of expressing the human condition in simple prose. His lyrics have a way of making one think, "Is he talking about me? How does he know? " And I feel that in this way, he provides comfort and solace to us all. Whether writing friendship, love, struggle, loss, aging, etc., his command of language allows his libretto to transcend boundaries and thus connect with people worldwide.

He's definitely the greatest songwriter of his time. What he does, what he transmits, what he says... Everything goes straight to your heart. What you feel, he already felt it and he has a song for it, and that song may help you get through what you are feeling. I just cannot thank him more for what he does for me with his words with perfect melodies.

Tim Rice-Oxley is not only a genius, he's such a great human being who is so kind and humble to share his feeling with us. The lyrics are so deep that you can easily feel identified. There's a different song for every problem and for every kind of feeling. It doesn't matter the country, religion or sex. Tim always knows how to reach my heart and make me reflect about the important issues. I will support him forever and ever! Greetings from Peru. Love, Isafanhp

There is something seriously wrong if Tim doesn't get to number 1. The guy is a musical genius. Go and listen to Keane's three albums? Tims lyrics will blow you away! - Celle

Tim is the best songwriter in the history of music. He writes powerful lyrics that touches your soul and composes the music that goes with it and creates magic. That's why he is the best, besides he's humble, a really nice person, a beautiful human being. Who needs more than that?

Tim is just so AMAZING! His lyrics are beautiful and he is a brilliant songwriter! My favourite band is Keane and obviously the lyrics play a huge part here. Tim has got the ability to change my mood when I'm feeling down with his lyrics. :) He's the best!

Tim has the most amzing way of tugging at your emotions through music. Every song he writes is so honest and pure, coming straight from his heart. The honesty of his songs is what makes them so relatable to such a huge range of people, from different cultures, backgrounds and ages... There is no limit to who his music touches. His songs provoke happiness and sadness, hope, fear, pain, love, joy, in people all over the world.

Tim is a musical genius and is already considered one of the most important musicians of the last decade, is versatile and constantly evolving.

For those of us who have never heard of this so-called seventh best songwriter of all time, could you at least name one of his songs? I see all these flowery phrases about the lovely things he writes about, the lovely way he writes them, what wonderful feelings he gives you...but not once do any of you actually mention a song that he has written! What has this guy written?

Definitely deserves this top ten spot, if not number 1! Keane's lyrics are without doubt some of the most meaningful ever - just take a look at Perfect Symmetry - keanelover

Tim Rice-Oxley - a mastermind in songwriting; and he's a musical genius yes, see how he reinvented the "piano rock", no one gets those sounds out of a piano!

Tim Rice-Oxley is the best songwriter ever!. He truly writes healing songs. His lyrics are magical, melancholical, full of mysticism and so much more.
No need to describe how great he is, just listen to his lyrics, just simple as that!

Tim is a great composer and a great musician, besides being a simple, sensitive kind to people, is all that has to be a great artist.

Tim is the most incredible song writer out there.. I love Keane and their songs are out of this world.

His lyrics are so deep and relatable that you can not say that he doesn't put his soul into them.

"We wont be leaving by the same road that we came back"

He's absolutely awesome! So talented! Love him!

Tim can sum up the pain you've been feeling for months and pinpoint it perfectly into a 3 and 1/2 minute track... This man is an unrecognised genius!

Tim's lyrics always can touch my heart.

The lyrics of this man... Wow.. Awesomes...
He touch my sooul with all the songs,
And I really think that tim is one in a million
... The one and only.. There's nothing like tim rice-oxley

I never could explain how much I appreciate this man... I mean, you can see he is a great musician but at the same time a georgeous guy who is inside of those songs he wrote. I'm always identify somehow with all the songs because he talks about since the most normal things until the most complicated and weird things about the life... I don't know, I fell in love with him forever ♥ Long life the Tim Rice-Oxley!
P/D: He is so handsome, by the way.

TRO deserves this place in the top 10 - he's written some truly phenomenal songs..Keane are my all time favourite band - keanelover

Reference in electric pianos, increible songwriter/singer... Musical genius!