Top Ten Songs of the 2010s with the Best Lyrics


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1 Sanageyama - Dat Adam Sanageyama - Dat Adam

Even though other songs of the decade have more complex poetry and/or storytelling, this is the most visceral of all. Not only because half of this is screamed at the top of their lungs, but also because these lyrics sound so authentic. This is their real anger about what is wrong with the world today. Also it’s the one moment on the album where your jaw drops, because the light hearted anarchy and atmospheric galactic soundscapes stop for a simple bubbly synth line as vocalist Taddl screams at you. by the way, “Sanageyama” is a character from ”Kill la Kill” who blinded himself, this being metaphorically for how the world decides to look away from things.
Here is the English translation of the song, translated by me:

Intro (Ardy):
Planet of the apes
Planet of the apes
Mecca of ignorance
And focus point of hate
Money, power, fame
The biggest plagues of this world
The majority is hypnotized and messed up in the brain
But they ...more - Martin_Canine

2 Unforgivable Youth - Lupe Fiasco Unforgivable Youth - Lupe Fiasco

The first two verses are uncomfortable truths in history... the third one... well, listen for yourself. - Martin_Canine

3 The Crow, The Owl and the Dove - Nightwish The Crow, The Owl and the Dove - Nightwish
4 Set Fire to the Rain - Adele

I simply love metaphoric poetry. And this chorus pleases me at every level. - Martin_Canine

5 Rise Like a Phoenix - Conchita Wurst
6 Universalgenie - Kollegah

I tried to translate it. I really did. But I gave up halfway through the first verse.
It is essentially Kollegah referencing through the entire catalog of Greek mythology, history, classic literature, religion, mathematics, classical music, conspiracy theories, inventors, painters,... combining them all to an enormous prophecy while using a multitude of advanced language and loanwords. Maybe he did this to remind us that while he is a gangster rapper, this is only a role, and in fact he has more knowledge than most scholars and teachers.

The only thing that bothers me is that after each verse, a few lines from other rap songs about drugs and sex are randomly cut in. - Martin_Canine

7 Alpenglow - Nightwish
8 1944 - Jamala
9 Anthem - Iced Earth

We have the power make our lives what they are to be
Reconnect with our humanity
Transcend to a higher place, accepting reality
You are the key to the life that you seek
Torn asunder, our destiny is in sight
This is the anthem to celebrate your life - Metal_Treasure

10 Bitch Bad - Lupe Fiasco

The title is ironic. The whole phrase is "B*tch Bad, Woman Good, Lady Better" - Martin_Canine

The Contenders

11 Full Throttle Tribe - Pain of Salvation

About a man who separates himself from the world and carries on with his life wanting more and more until he finally dies. - cjWriter1997

12 Shudder Before the Beautiful - Nightwish
13 Bad Guy - Eminem
14 Starboy - The Weeknd
15 See You Again - Wiz Khalifa
16 Wheel of Time - Blind Guardian
17 At the Edge of Time - Blind Guardian
18 So Far Away - Avenged Sevenfold
19 All Too Well - Taylor Swift
20 Aw Yeah? (Intervention) - Tech N9ne

"Aw Yeah? " and "Sanageyama" have such a similar premise - in both songs the artists lets out his anger at what's wrong with the world and gets louder and angrier the longer it lasts - but yet they are so different. DatAdam are more general, while Tech N9ne is very specific about the problems, DatAdam are more experimental than Tech N9ne, who is more traditional hip hop, Tech N9ne is more climatic, especially because he saves his only personal problem for very last line where he screams in biggest argony, DatAdam constantly alter between personal with sociocritic content and begin screaming halfway through the song.
To me, DatAdam's Sanageyama is more visceral, while Tech N9ne's Aw Yeah? is more lyrical. - Martin_Canine

21 Havana - Camila Cabello

The malo part rules

22 Take Me to Church - Hozier
23 I - Kendrick Lamar
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