Top Ten Songs of the 2010s with the Most Violent Music Videos


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1 Voodoo Doll - Vixx

Great list though I think Better have my money Rihanna could be added I think she dismembers an accountant and tortures his wife in the video.

The music video of the catchy K-pop dance track is full of violent and gory imagery: brains being impaled, close ups of skin being pierced and sewn together, hooks and glass shards penetrating flesh of the body, bloody pulps lying around, band members stabbing each other,... - Martin_Canine

2 Damaged - Blood On the Dance Floor

Definitely one of their better tracks, and also from their best album, the dubstep-emo hybrid’s music video is similar to the concept of “From Dusk Till Dawn”. What starts as a normal performance in a club ends in a trashy bloodbath full of ripped out hearts, decapitations, faces being peeled off and it’s even implied a male genital is bitten off. The extended version goes even further: long after the track is finished there is an additional torture scene that goes below the waistline. Ouch. While I get the concept of the regular music video and think it fits the band’s slightly gothic appeal and is fun, the additional and much too sadistic violence in the extended version is a bit unnecessary and way too over-the-top in a not as funny way. - Martin_Canine

3 .Weighted. - frnkiero and the cellabration

Mimicking a trashy black and white horror film, the movie features a bunch of kids being killed in graphic ways by the undead band members. These kills include evisceration, arms being ripped out, removal of a heart and a decapitation. This is done very cynical and tastelessly humorous, but that was probably the point. - Martin_Canine

4 Fanpost 2 - Kollegah Fanpost 2 - Kollegah

The infamous 18 minute diss track against Fler (the two made up in the meantime) is noted especially for its expensive and Hollywood-like music video which also includes the graphic torture of a double of his rival. His tongue is ripped out, and both of his arms are removed with a saw, before he is set on fire. Epic diss tracks are common in German hip hop feuds, and so are music videos featuring doppelgängers of the artists that are attacked - often it’s implied they are executed. But no one before took it this far and at such a quality. The original video from Kollegah’s YouTube channel has been taken down unfortunately. It still can be found online. - Martin_Canine

5 Night of the Chainsaw - Insane Clown Posse

This music video shows perfectly how different we can see violence in movies based on the context. Throughout much of the video, we see the protagonist defending himself from zombies using a chainsaw. The videos uses comic-like looking filters similar to “Sin City” but trashier, has cheap effects and has the blood look green and gooey. It’s really fun if you are into trash. However, in reality the man just has a drug trip with no zombie apocalypse going on, and actually went on a killing spree. In the last shots, the filters are removed, and the man sees himself covered in blood, realizing what he has done. In this context, the many dismemberments and body parts being cut off aren’t as funny anymore. - Martin_Canine

6 Lone Digger - Caravan Palace

In animated music video, a bunch of cats go to a strip club where they start a fight with the other species of anthropomorphic animals that results in the gory deaths of all of them, except for the stripper. - Martin_Canine

7 Rockstar - Post Malone & 21 Savage

In the highly aesthetic music video that clearly draws from Asian cinema, particularly Japan and their Yakuza movies, the two artists are seen as swordsmen fighting against an army of gangsters in a very bloody fashion with lots of blood covering the floor. Unlike most of the other items on the list, this video is much more well crafted, serious and not in the slightest trashy. It’s very beautifully filmed, especially focusing on the contrast of black, white and red as we know from the classic Snow White tale, and keeping the slow pace of the music video. It’s a very accurate depiction of the way Japanese films create harmonic pictures out of dark matter. - Martin_Canine

8 Was Ist Hier Los? - Eisbrecher

The sociocritical song that, in a very cryptic way, criticizes the lack of interest in the horrible events of the world by the first world society, has a music video that fits the tone. It creates contrast between the first and third world by showing the lush and superficial lifestyle of Europe and the US, followed by pictures of a similar or contradicting situation in regions in peril. All of the graphic footage is real and not staged: animals slaughtered, African children with parts of their face missing, scenes of war and attacks. Very hard to handle. - Martin_Canine

9 The Devil in I - Slipknot
10 Lang lebe der Tod - Casper, Blixa Bargeld, Dagobert & Sizarr

Another music video that has the quality of a movie. This time, it’s that of a European art movie, such as by Lars von Trier or Michael Haneke. Featuring amazing cinematography we see a village from the view of two people on the run from the others. One of them is slaughtered and his heart is removed. The video is open for interpretation, and since it’s for song by one of the most acclaimed and often political lyricists of his generation, I am sure the bleak video has a deeper meaning. The song itself is about the perverted voyeurism humans have for death and violence. That would fit, if the video wasn’t completely un-voyeuristic and artful. - Martin_Canine

The Contenders

11 Take Me to Church - Hozier
12 Ham kummst - Seiler und Speer

Throughout the entire duration, the video is completely harmless and funny. It features Seiler und Speer in heavy make up to look ugly and like stereotypical losers, singing about the loss of their wives. However, in the last few seconds, a pretty bloody fistfights occurs that ends in one of them impaling the other with a rod. This comes out of nowhere. - Martin_Canine

13 Forced Gender Reassignment - Cattle Decapitation
14 Who Dat Boy - Tyler the Creator
15 Get Up (Rattle) - Bingo Players
16 Say Amen (Saturday Night) - Panic! at the Disco

yeh - EliHbk

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