Top Ten Songs of 2013 According to Complex

I'd say this list is fine as well. Although there aren't too many bangers, or any songs with a deeper meaning, their songs are mostly decent, and it is clear that they weren't just looking at the trending songs of the year and selected the most popular; but that they actually put a lot of thought process into their list to pick their true favorites. In a way, the Compley staff did the same that I did with my list, just that they have a different taste. That is, of course, except for their number one item. Off this album, most songs were shortlisted for my own 2013 top ten list, including this one.

Their number 4 is a song I don't really like. In fact, this track is the reason I initially had a negative opinion on Migos that was largely changed by their later output, which I really liked. The thing with this song is that while more recent songs by the group appeal to me most of all because of their flow, "Versace" ONLY has the flow and nothing more, which simply isn't enough for an entertaining song. "Bad and Boujee" for example is no lyrical masterpiece, but they spit a variety of solid bars in combination with a melodic and memorable vocal delivery, so that in the end the impression is a really positive one due to the overall sound. On "Versace" however there are long parts where they only repeat one word dozens of times, and even though the flow and vocal delivery are already present, it gets tiring really quickly, although the exact same song could be good if they repeated at least two full sentences instead of just the titular brand name. Nevertheless, when Complex calls the hook of the song "infectious", I have no reason to think this wouldn't be their authentic opinion, and there's nothing wrong with that. Also, they are Drake fans with most attention going to the guest rapper in their text, which makes it even more believable.

Even if they and I don't agree: like always, out of the three magazines I'm commenting on Complex has the longest and most passionate article going along their list, in which they convincingly explain their choices, which is something I really miss with the other two. I mean, read these two sentences about their number one item: "Plenty of artists sold more records than Kanye West in 2013. No one did anything near to as artistically powerful."
Would you read something like this from Rolling Stone? I doubt it.
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The Top Ten

1 New Slaves - Kanye West
2 Started from the Bottom - Drake
3 Shabba - A$AP Ferg & A$AP Rocky
4 Versace [Remix] - Migos & Drake
5 The Wire - HAIM
6 Type of Way - Rich Homie Quan
7 Get Lucky - Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers
8 Power Trip - J. Cole & Miguel
9 Counting - Autre Ne Veut
10 Control - Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica