Top Ten Songs of 2014 According to

For those not familiar with the concept: I am in the middle of retrospectively compiling my top ten songs of each year of the 2010s. Afterwards, I compare it to the top ten picks of three very different publications: Rolling Stone, and Complex. Rolling Stone is probably the biggest music magazine worldwide and focuses on mainstream opinions, is a well known German music critic website who claims to have a good taste in music, and Complex is a former magazine, now website, who focuses on youth culture and music, and writes their lists subjectively.

So, what is to say about what picked for their 2014 list?

First of all: their number one is from an Austrian band that's specifically famous in their home country, not even in Germany. I am not sure how they discovered it, but I like that group, so points for that.
But also did something that out of the three magazines/websites I'm making these lists of usually only Rolling Stone does, something I haven't expected from a website that usually does not care at all about success or hypes: they included a song that's originally from 2013, but became a hit in 2014. Their number two songs also ranks in my personal top ten - but in that of 2013, which is still in development.
I also like their number ten. This is by a German rapper who is heavily polarizing. Some call him the worst rapper of all time, others hail him as great artist of the decade. The main reasons are his extremely prominent accent, the fact that he doesn't speak proper German and that his topics are almost all drug trafficking related. The thing is: while this sounds very bewildering at first, it's 100% authentic. This guy is not someone who plays the role of someone living a street lifestyle like many other (and even lyrically better) rappers do, he really comes from this lower class and actually dealt with drugs. His language is that of migrants in the poor districts, many of who are badly educated. In their early reviews, harshly panned him, thinking of him as just another gimmicky thug rapper with no lyrical ability whatsoever, and even wrote a one star review about him. But then suddenly, for no apparent reason, they changed their mind and awarded his 2014 album full five stars (something they rarely do). As much as I hate's attitude of hatefully bashing everything remotely mainstream oriented - the inclusion of this song shows that sometimes they themselves realize they didn't listen close enough.
Their number three on the list is fine, too, but the rest isn't really my personal style. These songs probably have redeeming musical quality, but it's outside of my territory.

The Top Ten Songs of 2014 According to

1 Bologna - Wanda
2 Take Me to Church - Hozier
3 Spliff - Bilderbuch
4 Der Tag wird kommen - Marcus Wiebusch
5 Lonely Daze - Kate Tempest
6 Busy Earnin' - Jungle
7 Hunger of the Pine - alt-J
8 Post Shakey Time Sadness - Ja, Panik
9 Inspector Norse - Todd Terje
10 Lass die Affen aus'm Zoo - Haftbefehl