RANKED!: Episode 2- Pop Songs Year End 2015

You know how this goes
50. Worth It: Overproduced garbage
49. Cool For The Summer: Too tryhard
48. Bad Blood: Whining on an unfinished beat
47. Sugar: I guess the label had to Maroon 5 at rock bottom!
46. Love Me Like You Do: Soundtrack fooder garbage
45. Earned It: More Soundtrack fodder garbage
44. Want To Want Me: Jason Derulo
43. Fight Song: Generic generic generic. I forget generic
42. Drag Me Down: I might be biased towards 1D, but this just irks me
41. Honey I'm Good: Irritating, and overplayed
40. I'm Not The Only One: Per HIG
39. Somebody: Did anyone else forget this existed?
38. Jealous: This is Jealous of Chains!
37. Thinking Out Loud: Boring and dull
36. Lips Are Movin: Awful, but catchy
35. Cheerleader: You know....
34. Talking Body: Those lyrics....
33. Hey Mama: Guetta's songs are actually OK. It's just his contributions to them that I hate.
32. Outside: Yet again same applies for Calvin Harris
31. Blame: Per Outside
30. Prayer In C: Kind of repetitive
29. Night Changes: Meh
28. Love Me Harder: Meh
27. What Do You Mean: I could go either way with this.
26. Can't Feel My Face: I feel like I should like this more than I do
25. Stitches: Guilty pleasure
24. GDFR: Other guilty pleasure
23. Fourfiveseconds: Paul McCartney made a song with Rihanna and Kanye, and he ended being the worst part. The guitar was excruciating
22. Skrillex made a song with Diplo and JB, and he ended being the worst part. The drop was excruciating
21. Good For You: A song with Good is fittingly in the good tier. Just look at SP's best of 2015 to find out why I like this
20. Locked Away: Something about it really bothers me
19. Time Of Our Lives: I prefer GME, but this is still good
18. Shut Up and Dance: I never want to hear this again
17. Uptown Funk: Per SUAD
16. Blank Space: Good Taylor
15. Style: More good Taylor
14. Wildest Dreams: EVEN MORE GOOD TAYLOR!
13. Don't: Ed Sheeran
12. Photograph: Ed Sheeran
11. Take Me To Church: #noshame
10. The Hills: #noshame
9. Waves: So chill9. Animals: That other guilty pleasure7. Uma Thurman: That other other guilty pleasure
6. One Last Time: Ariana at her best
5. Chains: Nick at his best bar Close
4. You Know You Like It: DJ Snake at his darkest, weirdest, and chillest sound
3. The Heart Wants What It Wants: Chill, but messy. Dark, but light. Pop, but Dance. This takes opposites and just mixes them together.

2. See You Again: Both artists at their best
1. Lean On: An absolute mess I can't stop loving!

FINAL SCORE: 162/250= 324/500

POP RADIO WASN'T THAT BAD EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Whoops! Accidentally put this is 2014! - ProPanda

50. The Hills
49. Take Me To Church (I should be the one saying #noshame for these two, they're the most acclaimed on the list bar Uptown Funk)
48. Cool For The Summer
47. Hey Mama
46. Jealous
45. Worth It
44. Bad Blood
43. GDFR
42. Good For You
41. Somebody

40. Cheerleader
39. Want To Want Me
38. Fight Song
37. Lips Are Movin
36. Stitches
35. Talking Body

34. Where R Ü Now
33. Earned It
32. Love Me Harder
31. Blame
30. Prayer In C
29. FourFiveSeconds
28. The Heart Wants What It Wants (a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ants)
27. Thinking Out Loud

26. Love Me Like You Do (don't hurt me)
25. Can't Feel My Face
24. Photograph
23. Sugar
22. Lean On
21. One Last Time
20. Chains
19. Drag Me Down
18. Night Changes
17. What Do You Mean
16. Time Of Our Lives (Pitbull AND Ne-Yo in the top 20 KRIFFING END ME)
15. You Know You Like It
14. Blank Space
13. Style
12. Wildest Dreams
11. I'm Not The Only One (HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THIS)

10. Honey I'm Good
9. Locked Away
8. See You Again
7. Uma Thurman
6. Outside

5. Animals (don't hurt me)
4. Waves
3. Don't
2. Shut Up And Dance
1. Uptown Funk

SCORE: 115/250, which translates to a 230/500. Better than the absolutely dreadful Billboard Year End Hot 100, but still pretty lousy.

P.S. You should probably reduce your scale to a five-point scale (which means it would be out of 200) if you're never gonna use the decent tier. - WonkeyDude98

Well technically it is a 5 point scale ranging from 1 to 5.
I used #noshame because I saw djpenguin use it in another post - ProPanda