Ranked!: Episode 9- iHeartRadio Countdown: Year End 2014

ProPanda So, I'm ranking another iHeartRadio countdown. This time, I'm doing 2014. Why? Because, I wanted to show why I thought this was the best year for the charts this decade. It's when I got into music, and when I started middle school and began to foreshadow a teenage life. It was definitely fun and nostalgia may have taken over a majority of these, but I do genuinely love. Btw, I chose the radio charts, because I listened to the radio primarily in 2014. Also, since streaming didn't truly get it's fair share of relevance till 2015 on the charts, most of Billboard's year end is country, and I don't want to write about that. This episode is actually pretty special to me, so I hope you guys like it.

100. Steal My Girl: One Direction boiled down to their stereotype: Obnoxious, teenage kids with pretentious minds and feminine appeal. It's not a good way to expose it either.
99. Roar: I legitimately cannot defend this in any way possible from the beat, to the lyrics to the sound, and keep in mind, I actually LIKE Bon Appetite.
98. Lips Are Movin: The most irritating chorus of the decade.
97. Really Don't Care: I hate Demi Lovato. And I'll get to why in a near episode of this series.
96. Jealous: Ew.
95. Bang Bang: Ari rejected this beforehand, and then rejoined for a guest verse after hearing how "good" Jessie J made it. It's a shame if she just let it stay rejected, and probably wouldn't have been as big any other way.
94. Summer: This is every bad quality that can be found in a Calvin Harris song all mushed together in one. Keep in mind, I only placed 6 songs below this one out of contempt and pity, knowing this song would make him relevant enough to be the musical genius he is now.
93. This Is How We Roll: Oh god. And this is the Jason Derulo remix btw, there's no way pop radio would spin the original.
92. Show Me: I swear I've heard this before.
91. Drunk In Love: Thank god for Lemonade.
90. Wiggle: Thank god for Swalla.
89. Let Her Go: This was one of the first songs to reach 1Bill on Youtube. That alone baffles me, let alone the lack of quality it contains.
88. Shake It Off: Now that I was able to listen to it on Spotify, 1989 was a decent album. That being said, this wasn't even the worst song on it.
87. Anaconda: Most overhated song of all time. Doesn't make it any good though.
86. This Is How We Do: Why?
85. Story Of My Life: Bad opinion, I know. But the vocals are annoying, the lyrics are generic, and the production just straight up bores me.
84. Wait On Me: This wasn't even the worst song off that Rixton album.
83. Unconditionally: Not even the worst song off Prism.

82. Wild Wild Love: While, I actually like Pitbull (you should bring out the pitchforks now)
81. Wrecking Ball: Why did I ever like this? Seriously, this is so boring.
80. All About That Bass: It grew on me because of the production, but it still isn't good.
79. Young Girls: This is Bruno...? No wonder this flopped.

78. NaNa: Oh.
77. Shower: I still remember Becky G. I don't really care for any of her songs, but both Can't Stop Dancing and Break A Sweat were decent songs that should've been bigger than this.
76. Don't Tell Em: Terrible, generic, garbage, but with good production.

75. Best Day Of My Life: I like the hook alot, and the production is ok. But jeez, this is so generic.
74. Do What U Want: Lady Gaga really pulls this off. But R. Kelly's verse is just creepy at this point.
73. I'm Not The Only One: This... exists. It did grow on me, so that's something.
72. Brave: Shut up, I like it.
71. Come With Me Now: This has not aged well. But it still works.
70. Say Something: Per CWMN.
69. Me And My Broken Heart: While the lyrics are whiny, and this dude can't sing, I can't deny that groove. It's easily one of their best songs.
68. Stay The Night: Zedd's worst song, and it's only decent at the least.
67. Maps: I like the chorus to this.And the production is really good. But the sound of the verses bring this down two points.
66. Black Widow: Shut up it's decent.
65. Fancy: Shut up it's decent.
64. Beg For It: Shut up it's decent.
63. Fireball: I like the drop to this. And Pitbull knows how to make a song fun.
62. Sleeping With A Friend: I like Neon Trees. But I don't love em. This is like their quintessential song. It's not as good as Animal, but still works more consistently than Everybody Talks.
61. All Of Me: It's sincere enough, I'll take it.
60. 2On: Tinashe deserves better.
59. Wake Me Up: Avicii deserves better.
58. Stay With Me: It's sincere enough I guess.
57. Pompeii: This... is lower than expected.
56. Break Free: As is this.
55. She Looks So Perfect: Ok, it has actual groove, it's fun, and the hook is catchy. Are we still hating on this, for one bad line?
54. Latch: Disclosure are technically one hit wonders lol that's weird to say as an electronic fan.
53. Love Me Again: Great hook. Pos, why do you hate this again?
52. Dark Horse: Shut up.
51. Talk Dirty: Shut up.
50. Rude: Shut up.
49. Hide Away: This is weird. I like it.
48. Habits (Stay High): Aside from some lines, it's a pretty good song. Sets a nice atmosphere.
47. In Your Arms: Good follow up!
46. Sweater Weather: I'll take it. Good atmosphere.
45. Centuries: Aside from some moments, it's ok. Complete garbage compared to Immortals and Young And Menace tho. Yeah, I said it.

44. LA Love (lalala): A nice comeback for Fergie. Shame it got caught between years.
43. Girls Chase Boys: So bad it's good.
42. Royals: Worst song on Pure Heroine.
41. Sing: Ayyy better than Shape Of You.
40. Red Lights: Tiesto making solid pop. Not as good as some of his progressive stuff, but I still love it.
39. Don't: Good diss track.
38. Slow Down: By far the best song on Stars Dance and I'm so mad it got caught between years. Seriously, this being so low should tell you how much I loved this list.
37. Not A Bad Thing: Justin's best song in years.
36. Animals (Martin Garrix): We're not getting a hit like this for a while, so we might as well savor it.
35. Animals (Maroon 5): The production carries this out through the whole song. Seriously, it makes me believe Adam can be this dangerous.
34. Ain't It Fun: Not as good as Still Into You, but solid rock song. Although, did they actually break those records in the music vid?
33. A Sky Full Of Stars: Coldplay's only top ten hit this decade until 2017. Surprisingly, both songs are collaborations with the hottest EDM stars at the moment.
32. Happy: Pharell Williams was pretty underrated in retrospect.
31. Come Get It Bae: Miley's best song this decade. Only mid tier for Pharell tho.
30. Bailando: If Despacito was perfect... seriously, this was so much fun back in the day.
29. Hold On We're Going Home: Drake's best top ten hit this decade until Passionfruit.
28. Neon Lights: Demi's best single to date.
27. Blank Space: I like the production to this.
26. Waves: Such a relaxing, chill tune.
25. Problem: Shut up.
24. Chandelier: A darker, more needed song on the charts.
23. Dangerous: David Guetta's best song, and best song on Listen.
22. Heroes (We Could Be): That hook.
21. The Monster: Eminem's best hit in over a decade.
20. Love Me Harder: The song that made The Weeknd a thing. Good job Ari. Good job.
19. Love Runs Out: I don't know if I give OneRepublic too little, or too much credit.
18. Classic: This song makes me smile.
17. Turn Down For What: ICONIC!
16. Am I Wrong: The backing vocals still give me chills.
15. The Man: That hook.
14. Blame: Calvin Harris' best song before 2017.
13. Timber: Pitbull's best song.
12. Birthday: Katy Perry's best song.
11. Trumpets: Jason Derulo's best song before 2015.
10. Demons: This was inescapable. Seriously, I love this off nostalgia alone, and the actual quality of the song pushes it up 20 spots.
9. Hey Brother: I love the proudction to this.
8. Boom Clap: Carly Rae Bae for the radio.
7. Rather Be: More like Rather Bee Movie.
6. Burn: This may have been the song that got me into music.
5. Counting Stars: That hook is remembered to this day.
4. Take Me Home: This deserved better in the states, as does a majority of their discography.
3. Cool Kids: I love Echosmith more than you think. Oh, wait I'm reviewing them soon, you'll find out more later.
2. La La La: Shrunk on me over time, but still, a bop.
1. Team: Holy crud. This shocked me. That hook, that beat, those vocals, but god damn I haven't seen a hit song this decade set an atmosphere this well one did.

SCORE: 352/500 = 70%

While that number may not seem like much now, think about how it's one hundred songs. There's more room to screw up. Besides, 46 Great tier songs is the most I ever had. Seriously, this was a great year for pop music. Anyway, I plan on doing a few more RANKED episodes for now, although a movie request schedule has been posted. I have my very next two episodes planned out already, as well as a new series in the movie category scheduled to premiere this summer. I hope you enjoyed this post, and I'll see you next time, where we take a look back at award shows. Website should be completely updated by mid-July hopefully. This'll be on RYM soon as well.


"46 Great tier songs is the most I ever had."

This list only had 44 Great Tier songs, if you're talking about this one.

by the way, the songs where you reasoned, "Shut up", you know you'll have to defend yourself later on, because none of them have any redeeming qualities themselves. Best of luck. - PhenomentalOne

Wonkey: I was about to GET on you for liking Hide Away until I realized it's the Kiesza song and not the Daya song...

...even though it's just as awful. - PhenomDude98

Eh, I'll put Anaconda at #100, La La La at #88, Bang Bang at #5 and Hey Brother at #99. - AlphaQ