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201 Follow - Demotional
202 Pretty Hurts - Beyonce'

This song is amazing and meaningful. Usually nowadays, she makes songs about drinking and surfboards. The types of songs you could dance and groove to. But this song is one you could sing at a talent show and win. This song is soulful and I love it. - JHLover321

I love this song and it has such a good meaning should be way higher than 61 - PatrickStar

This song is awesome and has a positive message. - madoog

For me one of her best songs. Actually I don't know why I don't like her music, but this song must be higer 96th place. - Fan_of_Good_Music

203 High Hopes - Bruce Springsteen

Love this song! But you guys have to listen to the song Love is War by American Young

204 Love Me Again - John Newman

Wonderful song with great vocal and catchy rhythm. It should be number one! - Sunniva

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205 Lay Me Down - Avicii

Avicii perfomed the song in 2013 on a concert, but this song was officially released as a single in True. on this year, so this song definitely deserves to be in this list, maybe a bit higher! - Jackdaw

I went all the way down to vote for ANY avicii song, he is the best!

This is probably Avicii's most underrated song ever! An EDM/Funk/Disco fusion with amazing lyrics and vocals from Adam Lambert.

As long as avicii is on here, I'm happy

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206 Stay the Night - Zedd

Trashy! Lyrics SUCK so much, that even a PERFECT music makes no change here! That's how bad & repetitive lyrics ruined the perfect song! - Fan_of_Good_Music

Oops... Accidentally voted for this :( - Lem

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207 Nasty - Pixie Lott

Pixie is back with an old classy twist!

208 Story of My Life - One Direction

This song was awesome! It's definitely one of the best songs One Direction have done so far!

Lets put it this way. I'm not really into 1d, but this is the song I can tolerate the most

So Beautiful! It should be at the top of the list! Love 1D so much!

This song is amazing

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209 Midnight Memories - One Direction

I don't like one direction sorry not sorry lol

I hate this song because I hate one direction

One direction is the best group in the world

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210 And We Run - Within Temptation

Relatively unknown, but still one of the best songs of the year.

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211 On Noodle Street - Pink Floyd
212 Wastelands - Linkin Park

It makes think about how there are bad people and bad singers out there and how the media is influencing kids to listen to their music. It's kinda similar to Guilty All The Same.

213 Florida Kilos - Lana del Rey

The lyrics aren't meaningless, they actually tell a story, the song itself is catchy, and with the rest of Lana's work it stays in your head after listing to it. The song's style is different to the others, but it's just as good, I dare say even better!

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214 Guts Over Fear - Eminem

Sia looks different in this one

2014 music sucked, Eminem and Shady records were the only good artists, by the way, all songs from the Marshall Mathers LP 2 count as 2013 songs

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215 Things Left Unsaid - Pink Floyd
216 I Got U - Duke Dumont & Jax Jones V 1 Comment
217 Don't Stop - 5 Seconds of Summer

This song was cool this music video was cool too this song is my favorite of all time

218 Come Alive - Paris Hilton V 1 Comment
219 Heart Attack - Enrique Iglesias

Come on this song is awesome and it's not in the list. Specially the part where he says "I don't wanna live in a world without you".

220 Ugly Heart - G.R.L.
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