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281 Superheroes - The Script

Everyday, every hour, turn the pain into power!

This song is just great

The Script's songs sound the same, but this particular song is the first song of theirs that I like. Superheroes is meaningful and great. I never thought that I would like any of their music. - madoog

This list is pathetic. So many deplorable pop songs are above this beautiful song...

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282 Recess - Skrillex
283 Cuatro Mentiras - Corazón Serrano
284 H.E.S. - Robbie Williams

I love it when he does rock songs

285 No Shows - Gerard Way
286 Luna - Linkin Park
287 Knock Knock Knock - Spoon

This'll show all you damn pop music people that you're dead wrong about the best song. It's this one. - zdlitchman

288 Mahe Asal - Farzad Farzin

He was the best...

Great 7unbeleivable... With grea lyrics great melody... And absouloutlly best singer... It's so memorisable and perfect... Vote farzad. Mr. Showman

289 Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer - Behemoth
290 Oxygen - Swans

I know that nobody cares. But this song, and this album, are both pretty revolutionary.

291 Riptide - Vance Joy

My favorite song of all time

292 Well Be the Stars - Sabrina Carpenter

She is an amazing singer, this song is the best

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293 I Bet My Life - Imagine Dragons V 1 Comment
294 Hesse Khoobie
295 Jealous - Nick Jonas V 2 Comments
296 I Don't F**k With You - Big Sean
297 Let Me Down Gently - la Roux
298 Chills - Down With Webster
299 Lifestyle - Rich Gang

This song is good and chill. "on top of the mountain, puffing on clouds, just beginning" That is the best part of the song. - madoog

300 We Sink - Chvrches

Lol no this is garbage. I mean, Lauren Mayberry is guaranteed to sound great, you can't just dwell on that. Between the grating, shockingly gray synthpop that colored most of its album, the super awkward chorus, and the lyrics which I would describe as a prequel to Gun, this is a 1/5. - WonkeyDude98

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