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141 Blame - Calvin Harris

Terrific song, very lively. It makes me enjoy living! - Sunniva

No. This song is bad. His vocals are annoying. I give it a 0/5. I like Summer, though. - madoog

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142 Wide Awake and Dead - Orgy
143 Box on My Head - Tempa T V 1 Comment
144 Wait on Me - Rixton
145 This Is the Time (Ballast) - Nothing More
146 College Drop - Sage the Gemini
147 Searchlight - Phillip Phillips
148 Cool Kid - The Eeries
149 Shut Up and Dance - Walk the Moon

Why isn't this higher? And why isn't this in the best of 2015? It was one of the biggest hits of 2015. I'm so confused.

This is by far my jam my family loves this and it's so catchy

150 Steal My Girl - One Direction

What are you guys talking about This song is awful - PatrickStar

Even though I don't like one direction this is the only song of theirs that I listen to

151 Rock or Bust - AC/DC

I was so happy to see they still have the magic that is AC/DC. I love this song. - benhos

152 Khatereha - Morteza Pashaei

I love this son a lot... I love you morteza

Please vote him special family :')

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153 Roozhaye Sakht - Morteza Pashaei

This song is the best... I love you... I love you... Please come back

The best singer ever, no one can be like him.

I love you morteza pashaei for ever

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154 Say You Love Me - Jessie Ware
155 My Demons - Starset
156 Shower - Becky G

It's almost 2016 and I STILL listen to this song! I can't give this song enough praise. When I am able to relate to the song in some fashion, hear some beautiful instrumentals, and just sing along, that is one way to know a song has hit home with me, and this song, without a doubt, does. Definitely does not deserve the hate it got and should be a LOT higher on THIS list. One the biggest positive takeaways I've had from 2014.

I do not like Shower. - madoog

This song is like #1!

157 All I Need is You - Lecrae
158 New Flame - Chris Brown

New Flame is superb in every way --- the definition of 2014. - madoog

Why on earth did you forget this song?

159 Crazy Stupid Love - Cheryl Cole
160 2on - Tinashe
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