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61 Million Years Ago - Adele
62 Kiss It Better - Rihanna
63 I Don't Like You - Kat McSnatch
64 Empire of the Clouds - Iron Maiden V 1 Comment
65 Heathens - Twenty One Pilots

A awesome, fun and catchy song! Should be in the top five of yet, number 1!

Geez, this song is just boring. It sounds too similar to Stressed Out. - naFrovivuS

66 Bang Bang - Green Day
67 See You Again - Wiz Khalifa

This is the most beautiful song ever!

My parents hate this song cause of the rap 😒

I respect it's for Paul Walker, but I HATE HATE HATE this song. It's whiny, repetitive, and has not too much feeling to it. I prefer the Charlie Puth version. - naFrovivuS

68 Lazarus - David Bowie
69 Here - Alessia Cara V 2 Comments
70 Fatal Illusion - Megadeth
71 Roses - The Chainsmokers
72 Sound of Silence - Disturbed

This site should have more ads, ever time I need to search for good music and need to passe trough many pages. come on dudes, vote for disturbed.

73 Burn the Witch - Radiohead

It's sad to see that a song from the greatest band of all time isn't in at least the top 10. This song is truly beautiful

74 History - One Direction
75 Writing's on the Wall - Jackie Evancho

Jackie has covered many movie themes; this is the latest. There's a well-produced, spy-themed video featuring Jackie's sister Juliet as the "bad guy". - BobG

76 One Call Away - Charlie Puth V 2 Comments
77 Cirice - Ghost B.C.
78 What Do You Mean - Justin Bieber V 1 Comment
79 Try Everything - Shakira
80 Like I Would - Zayn
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