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61 I Don't Like You - Kat McSnatch
62 Victorious - Panic! at the Disco

Great song! Love the artist too!

63 Closer - The Chainsmokers
64 Run Away With Me - Carly Rae Jepsen

This song is just so good! I love it!

I hate this song.. Carly stinks.. - FerrariDude64


I never expected to say that one of the best songs I've ever heard would come from Carly Rae Jepsen. And yet, I love this song. a lot. Easily the best song on E - MO - TION and one of the best songs of this year.

V 2 Comments
65 Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift

No, No, No and a big NO!

Her song makes me feel GREAT

I love Taylor swift

Not at all interesting as with any pop. Heard it all before and before and before and oh yeah Before. Such Bubble gum. Where's intelligent music anymore? This, Cake by the Ocean, and the rest very little intelligence.

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66 Spit Out the Bone - Metallica
67 Burn the Witch - Radiohead

It's sad to see that a song from the greatest band of all time isn't in at least the top 10. This song is truly beautiful

68 History - One Direction
69 Writing's on the Wall - Jackie Evancho

Jackie has covered many movie themes; this is the latest. There's a well-produced, spy-themed video featuring Jackie's sister Juliet as the "bad guy". - BobG

70 If You Don't Shut Up - Kat McSnatch
71 Heathens - Twenty One Pilots

A awesome, fun and catchy song! Should be in the top five of yet, number 1!

Geez, this song is just boring. It sounds too similar to Stressed Out. - naFrovivuS

72 Bang Bang - Green Day
73 Focus - Ariana Grande

Screw you for loving an Ariana Grande song. Ariana Grande seems to like racism and accusing others for doing what she forces them to do. WHY?! I hate this song so much.

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74 See You Again - Wiz Khalifa

This is the most beautiful song ever!

My parents hate this song cause of the rap 😒

I respect it's for Paul Walker, but I HATE HATE HATE this song. It's whiny, repetitive, and has not too much feeling to it. I prefer the Charlie Puth version. - naFrovivuS

75 Here - Alessia Cara V 2 Comments
76 Fatal Illusion - Megadeth
77 Roses - The Chainsmokers
78 Sound of Silence - Disturbed

This site should have more ads, ever time I need to search for good music and need to passe trough many pages. come on dudes, vote for disturbed.

79 Formation - Beyoncé

Love this record

80 One Call Away - Charlie Puth V 2 Comments
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