Underrated Reviews #Pilot: Work vs Work From Home

ProPanda Redoing this.

So, let's talk about two of the most successful artists of the decade: Rihanna and Drake. Both of these artists have been consistently dominant since 2010, landing multiple songs on the year end Hot 100 lists for every year this decade. This, however is one of the biggest hits both of them have had. As of me writing this, this song Work has spent more weeks at number 1 than all of their other songs except one. It is one of the biggest hit songs of 2016, and still remembered by many to this day. Seriously, it's not everyday you get a radio hit which has a chorus that says nothing but work. But it's even rarer to find two hits of that sort dominating at the same time! Ladies and gentlemen, meet, Fifth Harmony! They've had success before with top 50 hits like Bo$$ and Sledgehammer. However, their real success came in 2015 with their smash hit Worth It. And to this day, it is one of the worst songs I've heard in my life. The ripped off saxophone, the try hard vocals, the dead sounding Kid Ink, that was a disaster on every ground. They released a flop song for a mediocre movie sequel, and came back to the music scene with their newest hit, Work From Home a collaboration with Ty Dolla Sign, this rapper guy.

Now, I'm going to join these two up and compare them to see who pulled it off better. And if I'm being honest, I don't want to. Why?


Work and Work From Home are terrible songs I don't want to ever hear. They are both static radio filler, and are wastes of music. I can't stand it when either of them come on, and it's time to talk about why.

See, these songs are polar opposites, other than frequent usage of the word work. One of them is a song about wanting to get your boyfriend fired so you can do the nasty all day long. The other is a song about a woman who feels hopeless in a relation ship and just wants to be saved. One of them has a loud heavy beat which empowers the vocals, while the other has a softer one which allows the vocals to dominate. Even the guest verses--- Ty Dolla Sign, an irrelevant rapper who makes his living through guest features, and Drake,a dominant force who makes others famous through guest features.

And the lyrics?

One is saying--- I'm helpless and you must be there for me 24/7.

The other?
I'm horny and you must be there for me to have sex 24/7.

Not to mention they both just sound stupid. One's boringly annoying and the other one sounds incomplete. That's cause it was. The producer never finished the beat. Explains alot.

So, I were to pick the lesser of these two evils, it's Rihanna for having some form of effort.

WFH: -1/5
Work: 0/5

This was even worse than the last one... eh.


Work: 4/5
Work From Home: -1/5 - WonkeyDude98

LOL - ProPanda

Edit: Work: 2/5 - WonkeyDude98

Nice review - bobbythebrony

Thanks - ProPanda

Nice - Martinglez

Thanks - ProPanda

I prefer Rihanna over Fifth Harmony ANY day. - SwagFlicks

Same. - ProPanda

Good post. - Powerfulgirl10

Thanks - ProPanda

I'm gonna redo this, if anyone wants to see the original, here it is:

"My new series is coming soon! Here is what you could call the pilot!

I'm now battling the two most annoying Work songs this year!

Work By Rihanna and Drake VS Work From Home by 5H and Ty Dolla $ign

Beat: Work's beat ruins trop house as we all know it. Work From Home has a simple, nice catchy beat that was completely wasted


Lyrics: Work has a metaphor filled cathchy rythym that really, if anyone admits it, got stuck in your head. WFH, not really.


Concept: They're both about sex, but WFH showns it better so...


Execution- Rihanna can sing. 5th Harmony can't. But here work is repetitive, while WFH is admittedly tuning and catchy. Also, Drake's trying too hard, and I generally like Ty (barricades door).

W-2; WFH-2


Nostalgia Factor/Video- Work is admittedly a song that gets stuck in your head quickly. Only someone who listens to WFH like 5 times a day can truly remember it. More people know it and listening to it brings back more memories. And the videos are both terrible but Work's is less so yeah point to RiRi

WORK> Work From Home

Forgive me if you hate this, it's my first review.
My Temple review is coming soon! " - ProPanda

Work 3/5 (it may be really repetetive but it's filled with carabbean culture)
WFH 0/5 (Just dumb) - DaisyandRosalina

Work: 2/5
This has some talent but it's sounding like Rihanna's too drunk. Drake sounds like he's a rake, sweeping by neatly.
WFM: -1/5
*Gasps* *chokes* AaaAaaArRgfahh I need bleach! This song doesn't have talent and Drake is much better than Zero Dollar $ign. - AlphaQ

Ok everyone agrees work is better? Ok cool - JosiahDBoss