Ranking the #1 Hits of 2016

Fine. I will. Rank the #1 Hits.

#12 Closer

So baby pull me closer to the number 1 spot on the worst list-Wait NaH S**tshirt by Jacob Saggysaurus is FAR worse. The song is basically full of lyrics talking about how they're "in bed" and other irritating sexual innuendos and crap like that. This needs to end, Don't Let me Down is better, MUCH better than this cheap low quality song. 0/5

#11 Love Yourself

This is actually getting kinda dull. This is boring and pretty bland. I feel like it's overplayed and it gets worse everytime I hear it. 1/5

#10 Hello
It's kinda powerful but very dull. Don't like it so much anymore. I feel that it's starting to drop and sound more generic everytime I hear it. The lyrics are fine tho which saves it but I personally feel that Adele can do a better job than this. 2/5

#9 Sorry

OKAY song. Gets bit boring every time I hear it, like Love Yourself, this gets more boring every time I hear it. Although JB sounds like he's whining, the song is pretty catchy and fun unlike Love Yourself. Still, not that good...2/5

#8 One Dance

Well...well...well. ThIs was #1 for TOO LONG. Panda was only #1 for 2 weeks and is far better. One Dance is a BIT dull. It's a bit better than Hotline Bling but it isn't great. Besides Drake sounds a BIT bored and boring. Besides (x2) this song is actually getting a 2/5 not a 1/5 from me. UAlredyNoMaRating/5 a.k.a. 2/5

#7 Work

I'm starting to like this song. Rihanna is awesome and this song is pretty cool and chill. But still, it's too generic and slightly too repetitive for a perfect score and Rihanna sounded a bit too monotonous, but at least this is better than Work From Home. 2/5

#6 Can't Stop the Feeling!

This song was excellent when I first heard it. Now it's alright. People are bashing this song and I have no idea why. Even some TopTenners bashed it. 3/5

#5 Pillowtalk

Zayns voice has an incredibly powerful voice (like in freaking Hello which I don't enjoy no more). The lyrics are crap which makes it a 4/5 instead of a 5/5. The beat makes it more powerful than Hello's beat and these are why Pillowtalk is better. 4/5

#4 Cheap Thrills

Sia is good. Sean Paul may sound annoying but he gets more pleasant everytime I hear him. The song is very catchy. It is a great song to relax to and doesn't fail to calm us down. 4/5

#2 Panda (not a typo, I was just too lazy to change it.)

After Spark_Of_Life bashed it I decided to listen to it again to see if it was better than Black Beatles because I couldn't decide. I went with Panda because I didn't like Black Beatles but this is still awesome but Black Beatles is better. This song is great and awesome. Not just because of the beat. Because Desiigner is a better version of Future and is clearer and easier to understand since he doesn't use as much autotune as Future does. Also, Desiigner like Fetty Wap, can be really fun to listen to. 4.5/5

#3 Black Beatles
Ooh...a Rae Sremmurd song over 2/5? Yes. After bashing SremmLife and SremmLife 2 and putting both of them in my Top 10 remix of worst albums. I mentioned that Black Beatles was a good song. The best song of SremmLife was No Type but I didn't like it very much. Now this is a Masterpiece. It is absolutely excellent. 4/5

#1. Starboy

Ok...ok it wasn't a #1 Hit in 2016 but it still is #1. But this is awesome. It's an excellent masterpiece. Good job The Weeknd! I enjoyed Low Life and Or NaH as well but NO The Weeknd song or any 2016 song beats this masterpiece. *dabs**breaks glass* Oh s**t! 6/5

Overall, I give 2016 a 58/100, it's pretty generic for music but it wasn't that bad.


EDIT: 70/100. 2016 was quite good. - AlphaQ

Don't know 2017 pop... - visitor

2016 is easily better. - AlphaQ