Soundtrack Songs of 2016 Review

Going through songs that were mostly popular because of their use in movies, I decided to pick up ten of them (and a couple underdogs) and toss them up for one review.

Just Like Fire - Pink: Bring on the pitchforks and torches; I'm ready. Yes, the lyrics are cliché, but this one actually gets the fire part right. Pink sounds great as always, the shouting in the pre-chorus actually add some energy and life to the song. Although part of me wishes the acoustic guitars in the verses were replaced with some synths to better set the mood, there is still enough fast pace and energy give this song enough power. It's no Alice by Avril Lavigne, but I'll take it. 8/10.

You Don't Own Me - Grace ft. G-Eazy: Now THIS is a female empowerment anthem that actually hits the mark. While it is a cover of Lesley Gore's version, Grace takes her spin of a classic about not being treated like a toy. The production is dark enough with G-Eazy's verses, and the key change is really effective. Grace is also a really good singer. 9/10.

Try Everything - Shakira: Eh, there is nothing terrible about this song, but there isn't much good either. Shakira sounds really good on this, I'll give her that, but the lyrics just feel basic. They are basically saying, "I'll try out new challenges even if I fail," which is subject I have nothing against, but the delivery could've been better. I still like the Zootopia movie though. 5/10.

Sledgehammer - Rihanna: This is easily one of Rihanna's along with Love on the Brain. Rihanna sounds awesome, the percussion is presentful without sticking out too much, and everything else helps complete this song and make it into a masterpiece. Well done, Rihanna.10/10.

Heathens - Twenty One Pilots: Twenty One Pilots has talent, but I haven't been too fond of the band's singles choices. While this is the best of TOP's three hit songs from this year, it still feels like it's missing something. The atmosphere is nice and the lyrics aren't bad, but the former could use a little more work.. At last Heathens doesn't reek of the abysmal vocals from Ride. 7/10.

Sucker For Pain - Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and Imagine Dragons: Yeah, at first I really liked this one, but now it got old really fast. The lyrics try way too hard to be terrifying, but end up becoming boring. Plus, this song is too slow and dreary, yet too fast at the same time. This probably wouldn't be as big of an issue if the song hadn't had over a dozen contributors, including the ten writing credits. this song hadn't I still like Ty Dolla $ign's verse though. 4/10.

Friends - Blake Shelton: It's a bit of a silly song, but it's still really solid. While Came Here To Forget was very dull and grey, Friends is actually colorful and playful, which fits with the Angry Birds movie. Blake actually sounds like someone who would make a good friend. It makes for a really family-oriented tune. I also really like the bouncy beat. 8/10.

I Will Survive (Gloria Gayner Cover) - Demi Lovato: Speaking of the Angry Birds movie, it also gave us another song from the soundtrack: his is a really nice modernized version of the original. The beat suits Demi's tone and the movie and Demi sounds powerful enough to come off as believable in her delivery. Her belts are also powerful while still remaining on-key and not over bombastic. 9/10.

Till The End - Jessie Ware: I'm really glad to see Jessie Ware return. While this isn't her best song, it's still really soothing, both vocally and instrumentally. She has that soulful tone that isn't very common and brings back nostalgia value. I'm glad to see it hasn't left here. 9/10.

Can't Stop the Feeling - Justin Timberlake: Justin Timberlake's latest release finally soured on me hard enough. This is by far one of the laziest songs of all time. Not only is the chord progression stationary, but the lyrics also have no effort put into them. They range from dreadfully corny to "I got that sunshine in my pocket; got that good soul in my feet" to rapey like "nowhere to hide when I'm getting you close." It almost feels like a sex song disguised as a kids song. Plus, this is a ripoff of Happy by Pharrell, a song that actually gets the mood right. Justin sounds fine in some points, but in others, he sounds like incredibly irritating. This isn't Juju on that Beat's level of unoriginal, but it's certainly up there. It is so stale, monotonous, and generic, that it's almost vomitous. Everyone else on here at least tried to make something out of his/her soundtrack song, but here, Justin sounds like he didn't even try. 1/10.

Winner: Sledgehammer
Loser: Cant Stop the Feeling


Just Like Fire: 1/10
You Don't Own Me: 9/10
Try Everything: 4/10
Sledgehammer: 9/10
Heathens: 9.9/10
Sucker For Pain: 9/10
Friends: 6/10
I Will Survive: 7.5/10
Till The End: 8.5/10
Can't Stop The Feeling: 3.5/10 - WonkeyDude98


Winner: Heathens
Loser: Just Like Fire - WonkeyDude98

I'll Also Rate The Ones You Missed

Heathens (-50/5) (Suicide Squad Needs To Be Thrown Into Hell)
Ghostbusters I'm Not Afraid (-50/5)
Try Everything (-50/5)
Friends (-50/5)
Unforgettable (-50/5)
HOPE (-50/5)
Can't Stop The Feeling (-50/5)

All The Songs got Negative 50 meaning they are terrible as hell - VideoGamefan5

Ironically, I think the Timberlake song was the only one I like.
Everything else I haven't heard or I didn't like - MrQuaz680

Also I Forgot

Winner: Nothing
Loser: Everything - VideoGamefan5

All The Songs here Suck - VideoGamefan5

You should of putted The songs from me before you and moana because those ere The only good ones and maybe Star Trek Beyond

Just Like Fire: Sure Its Catchy, Burt The Lyrics Are Cliche, Pink Has Better Songs

You Don't Own Me : Suicide Squad, Ugh...

Try Everything : I HATE THIS SONG WITH A PASSION! , Lol, Lets Just Say If A Thing is Related To Zootopia, It Sucks For Me

Sledgehammer : Meh, Compared To Other Stuff Héroe, Its An Okay Song, One Of Rihanna's Better Modern Songs, Better Than Work, But Not As Good As Love On The Brain

Heathens : Trash, Suicide Squad Is Just As Overrated As Zootopia, Both Are Trash, Screw This Shet, TØP Have To Realize They aren't That Good Anymore

Sucker For Pain : We Have The Awful Rapper Lil Wayne, The Alright Rapping Dude Wiz Khalifa And The Pop Punk Band Imagine Dragons, But Its From Suicide Squad, So...

Friends : Stupid Song

I Will Survive : Don't Care

Till The End: Never Heard Of It

can't Stop The Feeling: Broken Song - VideoGamefan5