My Favorite Songs of 2016

And a good day to you TopTenners! I'm a little late to the party with this but I just had to get it out. 2016 was the best year of new music I have ever lived through. Out of all the years where I focused on newly released music, no other year struck me harder than 2016. There is still 2017 but so far nothing is really striking me so far. Around this time in 2016 I was getting stoked for Weezer's new album. Plus I was also eagerly waiting for Deftones new release as well. So I was already excited with new music coming this way.

I feel like I want to state the songs that stood out to me the most of this past year. Songs that I have been listening to since they were released. So without further ado, let's begin!

Square Hammer - Ghost
By far the best song they ever released in my opinion. It's very catchy and energizing. It is extremely creative and fresh. It isn't as heavy as some of their other stuff, but god does Square Hammer just want to make me rock out and sing along.

L.A. Girlz - Weezer
Incredibly reminiscent of their Blue Album days. I can't get enough of this song. It is so fun and so catchy but also holds a lot of emotion. It is a song that whenever I here I can't help but smile. It's one of the best songs on the new Weezer album and a constant replay.

Door to Door Cannibals - Chevelle
Chevelle's new album is my favorite Chevelle album. The production sets the mood perfectly. Dreading and brooding but loud and eccentric. Pete Leoffler does it again with this song creating one of his best written songs since Sci-Fi Crimes. And the bass and riffs are heavy as f***! It's a thundering opener for one of my favorite albums of 2016.

Show Me a Leader - Alter Bridge
The Last Hero was a great Hard Rock album by a great Hard Rock band. Show Me a Leader was the first single to be released. It was an excellent teaser to the album and a song that grew to be one of my favorites of the year.

Gore - Deftones
Being that Deftones is one of my favorite bands of all-time, of course I'm going to add at least one song from their latest album. Gore was a great album, not my favorite record but still great, new and refreshing. The song of the same name is my favorite song of the album. Probably the heaviest song on the album too. I just can't get enough of this band.

24K Magic - Bruno Mars
I've always had a small admiration for Bruno Mars' music. I was kind of embarrassed to say I liked his music since he was a pop star and all my friends were edgy Nu Metal and Metalcore fans (yeah high school was weird). But as time went on, Bruno started releasing fantastic song after fantastic song. And this is no exception. Uptown Funk is still my favorite song of his but 24K Magic comes real close.

Exist - Avenged Sevenfold
I just had to include this song, ok? Even if it wasn't a single the song still came out this year and I absolutely loved it. I wasn't a huge fan of A7X that much. I definitely didn't hate them, I just didn't listen to a lot of their music. But when I heard A7X's new album was completely different from what they ever done before, it intrigued me. The last track in their album The Stage is one of the best A7X songs I have ever heard. It might be one of my favorite Prog songs in general. Too many good parts to miss, and it's mostly just an instrumental with some lyrics in the second act and then Neil DeGrasse Tyson's wonderful monologue at the third act.

Really Doe? - Danny Brown
Ok ok, I'll admit it. I'm addicted to this song like crazy. Something about the beat and the delivery of everyone involved is just so...I can't think of a word for this song. It's just incredible.

And now for my favorite song of the year...

Daydreaming by Radiohead.
I know WonkeyDude98 isn't the biggest fan of the song but I don't know, I just LOVE it! The atmosphere, the mood, the wonderful production. It's a engaging experience that I didn't know what to think of when it was first released. But it definitely grew on me. It's my favorite song on A Moon Shaped Pool with Glass Eyes slightly behind. Whenever I listen to it, the song releases a peaceful relaxing emotion inside me. I don't know really how to explain it but whenever the song plays it fills me with inspiration. It clears my mind and I able to sit and think about stuff I normally wouldn't be in the mood to think about. I always love to listen to this song as well as the entire A Moon Shaped Pool album when I write. This song is one of the best I heard in 2016.

Now a lot of you could be wondering, "hey cjWriter1997, what about the new Metallica songs? Didn't you like them? What about Green Day's new stuff, you like Green Day right? What about them?"
Well, let me give my honest opinion on both of those questions. I enjoyed Green Day's Bang Bang pretty well. But I really forgot about everything from their album last year. I don't listen to really new Green Day that much. Albeit, Nimrod and Insomniac are still albums I come back to. Anything after American Idiot I just don't care for.
As for Metallica, well...I feel like an easy explanation isn't possible. I may write my own review about if it really matters to you. But let's just say I didn't really enjoy it that much.

So that's all. This was just a post of my thoughts on some songs that came out last year. Not necessary something I plan on doing all the time but when I want to I might give my thoughts on certain stuff about recent music. Let me know your thoughts on the these song I mentioned as well as what were your favorites of 2016. Once again, a bit late to the party but thanks for checking this post anyway.


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