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241 Melatonin - A Tribe Called Quest
242 The Holographic Principle - A Profound Understanding of Reality - Epica
243 Spider-Man Dick - cupcakKe
244 Atlas, Rise! - Metallica

Many songs in this list are not from 2016 but 2015

This is, in my opinion, the best song of Mettalica,s new album and then better than all the bull that came around 2016

245 Lying In State - Megadeth

Talk about heavy. Probably the heaviest song of 2016! And it rips right through you.

246 Send My Love (To Your New Lover) - Adele


This Song Is Fun - VideoGamefan5

247 Sanageyama - Dat Adam

"Warum sind so viele in ihr Ego verliebt?
Warum ist die Demokratie keine Demokratie?
Und warum haben nicht alle Wesen ein Leben verdient? "
("Why are so many in love with their ego?
Why is democracy no democracy?
And why don't all beings deserve a life? ")

-DatAdam, "Sanageyama", 2016 - Martin_Canine

248 Alma de Viento - Cristian Castro V 1 Comment
249 This Town - Niall Horan

Absolutely underrated song but it quiet boring because was driving by folk acoutic guitar. Luckily several DJ make a few remixes of this song and I little enjoy it now. - BeaM456

250 Shout Out to My Ex - Little Mix

This song is so catchy and I really like it yes it can be inappropriate but it's a amazing song should be place well higher

This should be at the top

Really?... - Hater

I like it

251 Dystopia - Megadeth

I mean, Megadeth is a great band, but that's like almost 90% of this list. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The riff in the beginning is to die for, and so is the entire song. I am also so glad that metal finally where it belongs: the top of the charts. - LostDream258

Great song! Metal has managed to survive throughout the years despite never getting mainstream attention. This song is a testament to what Megadeth can do. - Bastiodon

This is the song that finally won Megadeth a Grammy!

V 10 Comments
252 Bullet to the Brain - Megadeth V 1 Comment
253 Monster - Darkviktory & Paperblossom

The theme song for "#FinalClash" the third and final installment of the "#TubeClash" saga. The J-Rock inspired song is about the characters Manu and Taddl. (SPOILERS follow) They were funny and positive characters and friends in the first movie, then in the sequel Taddl abandoned the others, which turned Manu's heart black and made him into a cruel villain. - Martin_Canine

254 Coming Home, Pt. II - Jackie Evancho
255 Shelter - Porter Madison, Madeon
256 Breathing Lighting - Anthrax

Can't believe this beautiful thrash song is so low down the list - Metalmaniakkk

257 Still Falling for You - Ellie Goulding
258 Doggy Style - cupcakKe

ARF! ARF! Arwf! ARF! ARF! ARF! ARF! - Worksponge

259 Zai, Ye Bu Jian - Stefanie Sun
260 Chunky - Bruno Mars

If 24k Magic was some really bland attempt to recreate Uptown Funk, then this is a bland Treasure. Although this was much more cringe worthy. 1/5 - ProPanda

This has to be one of the most fun songs of this year. Sure the lyrics are cheesy, but Bruno has the personality to sell it. Also, this is 24K Magic Pt. 2. 5/5 - WonkeyDude98

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