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341 That Part - Schoolboy Q

The song presents the true art of Kanye's lyrical skills of making pointless lyrics that sound almost too perfect. 10/10 for this song - Melvin_BigSmoke_Harris

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342 Infinite (F.B.T Remix) - Eminem

It has Eminem in it. I mean come on! It's obviously #1!

Easily the best

343 My Shot - The Roots

Should be on top of the list.

344 Sometimes - Ariana Grande

One of the best songs of all time - Hotheart123

345 Too Good - Drake

Its too good! this song always makes me move, and never gets old,..

346 Coming Home - Falling in Reverse

That's my favourite song and Falling In Reverse's best. Best modern rock band's best song. Not so much metal and amazing song! Listen it - Marvel_1William

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347 Kill a Word - Eric Church
348 Dong Saya Dae - Bga

This song is funny and hilarious. I can't take it seriously but it's still awesome. 5/5. - AlphaQ

349 Deepthroat - cupcakKe

I hate Cupcakke so much. Some people on my schoolbus listen to her music, and she just sucks. The song that they listen to the most is this one. Cupcakke is just living proof that all you need to be a popular rapper is to cobble a bunch of sexual and cuss words together, sing said words, and call it a day. Cupcakke is also very overrated. - Cartoonfan202

Queen! This song slays! Def one of the best songs of 2016 - Worksponge

THE BEST SONG OF ALL TIME - venomouskillingmachine

Slut anthem - StayAlive

350 Identikit - Radiohead
351 Unstoppable - Sia

Sia has a reall great voice. I adore her and suggest you to listen to another song of the same album "bird set free"

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352 Blanket - Oh, Be Clever
353 Famous - Kanye West

Do we really have to have a Taylor Swift porn video?

This song is awful. I do not like Famous. - madoog

I made that b*tch famous - Jermaineb12

354 Post American World - Megadeth
355 Dangerously - Charlie Puth

FINALLY! A great, catchy, creative, emotional Charlie Puth song!

356 Inside Out - The Chainsmokers

Creepy Christina Perri-wannabe song. 0/5 - WonkeyDude98

Why wasn't this a huge hit for The Chainsmokers?

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357 Keep Up - Ksi V 2 Comments
358 We Don't Have to Dance - Andy Black

'It's so nice to meet you let's never meet again' That relects my life - AnonymousChick

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359 untitled 02 l 06.23.2014. - Kendrick Lamar
360 Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 - Kanye West

Great chorus line but we could've done without the bleached ass holes. - Mcgillacuddy

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