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461 Fend for Yourself - The Pineapple Thief
462 6 Inch - Beyoncé

Her voice is amazing in this and The Weeknd's vocals are majestic and its probably the most underrated collab ever ugh just wow

463 Offended - Meek Mill

A dark production with a perfect blend of Meek Mill and 21 Savage, but with a not so good inclusion of Young Thug does however make this another 5/5! - SelfDestruct


464 Beautiful Thing - Grace Vanderwaal
465 Stable - Breathe Carolina
466 Versace on the Floor - Bruno Mars

THIS IS THE BEST SONG OF THE 24K MAGIC ALBUM! I know it sounds sexual like "I love that dress but you wont need it anymore" or " Lets just kiss till we are naked, baby" BUT ITS STILL GOOD!

467 Fresh Eyes - Andy Grammer
468 Silhouette - Tom Odell
469 Say You Won't Let Go - James Arthur

This song deserves to be in the top 10. So beautiful - TopTenChristie

470 untitled 07 l levitate - Kendrick Lamar
471 Flood - Goo Goo Dolls
472 The Seeds of the Past - Applejack & Starlight Glimmer
473 Too Dumb to Die - Green Day
474 The Rain - Aetherian
475 Figures - Jessie Reyez
476 Safe and Sound - Jackie Evancho

Jackie and her sister Rachel did a great job. Jackie can sing anything. This girl can sing and act. Love her

A sneak preview from the recording session revealed that this excellent number off the Hunger Games soundtrack will be on Jackie's upcoming, but as yet untitled, 2016 album.

Has an excellent video that goes along with it, that re-enacts scenes from the Hunger Games.

An excellent voice.

V 10 Comments
477 One Call Away - Charlie Puth

I feel like this should be higher up on the list. Personally, I felt that this was the best song of 2016, and it gets better every time I listen to it!

This is a duet with Lil Wayne. He compared himself to Superman.

The guy who made Marvin Gaye tells how great he is. Talentless hack. - WonkeyDude98

Charlie's blessed with the best voice I've ever heard. I can eye a future legend. Legend Puth! - Ark-M

478 Azillion - Iggy Azalea V 1 Comment
479 Lazarus - David Bowie

The only reason Blackstar made my best list and this didn't, beyond me preferring Blackstar, is that having a list of just David Bowie songs would be redundant. - WonkeyDude98

By far the most emotion packed into a song this year. R.I.P David Bowie.

This song is so important
it needs to go to no. 1 - 16_and_savaged

Watch the video. you'll understand why this should be in the top 10.

480 Whole Lotta Lovin - DJ Mustard V 1 Comment
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