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141 The Girl is Mine - 99 Souls ft. Destiny's Child & Brandy V 2 Comments
142 Tin Man - Miranda Lambert
143 And Dream of Sheep (Live) - Kate Bush

This song is from over 30 years ago, on Kate Bush's masterpiece album Hounds of Love. It was not a single then. This year she released a live album of her 2014 concert series, with this as the album's single. Though her voice has notably changed (whose wouldn't after 30 years? ), it retains all the emotion of the original and then some. I strongly encourage you give this and the original a listen and hopefully you can put aside trying to understand and absorb it from a logical standpoint and just FEEL the emotion of the song. - theOpinionatedOne

144 Desperado - Rihanna

Screw you for never releasing this as a single. No wonder you have such an awful reputation even by pop music standards. I would tell you how every second of this is masterful, but you need to hear it for yourself. 6/5 - WonkeyDude98

I don't understand why people don't know about's a masterpiece. 2016 Rihanna was quite lame compared to get old stuff. But this is easily her best single. 5/5 - AlphaQ

145 Ace Hardware - cupcakKe
146 Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez

Melanie is very interesting, combining childish imagery for really dark and deep lyrical content. I knew from The Voice she was unique but Cry Baby is the dawn of a new beginning for Melanie

Why can't they ever play Melanie on the radio? If the radio people are concerned about the explicit language, they should just play the clean version and take off the other garbage full of swears

I don't think this is considered as "a song of 2016" since it wasn't released in 2016. Or maybe I got it wrong. This is still an amazing song though. Gotta love the story!

This song is so amazing it is worth it to buy on any device espically the song "Pacify Her! ". - jaaaa

V 4 Comments
147 Not Today - Imagine Dragons

A truly beautiful song, and a perfect way to end a great movie!

5/5: It gets better every time! - ProPanda

THIS is why I love Imagine Dragons.

148 Moth Into Flame - Metallica

Should be #1. Only reason it is not is because people of today like the crappy ass music. But this one is just awesome. A song that gave me goosebumps,

This song is just pure AWESOMENESS! Especially the "Sold your soul, built a higher wall" part, just catchy!

One of their best songs of all time! Spine tingling riffs, and great vocals

What happened to music? Well, at least se still have Metallica - Disturbedpotato

V 1 Comment
149 No - Meghan Trainor

THIS SONG is no! And so is her choreographer.

My reaction: No. - Elina

The most fave singer

NOO! -1/5 - AlphaQ

V 7 Comments
150 Company - Justin Bieber

I may feel embarrassed to like a singer everyone hates but this song is very good at it's best - Neonco31

Come on. This song is awesome! I give a 8.5 out of 10 for this (1.5 from his past problems) - Chromium

I love Justin Drew Bieber a lot and I'm so sad that he deleted his Instagram over Selena he must be really upset (remember I love you Justin)I love this song it's so catchy but who agrees to me that he's at the same place and wearing the same clothes as the cold water video

Even though I despise Justin Bieber, this is pop PERFECTION. 5/5!
The BEST song on Purpose and probably his only good SINGLE
(WDYM, Sorry, and Love Yourself were awful).

V 8 Comments
151 Head Over Boots - Jon Pardi
152 Ritual Spirit - Massive Attack

It's been six too long years since Massive Attack hit us with Girl I Love You and Paradise Circus, and now we have something that brings us back to the old classics, some older than me, with the eerieness and power of Ritual Spirit. Massive Attack have shown here that they haven't lost the edge which makes their masterpieces what they are. This is definitely one of them, and it makes an excellent start to a musical 2016, with the dynamic duo proving themselves to be just as great as they were, making some of the best songs of all time. - PositronWildhawk

153 Levitate - Imagine Dragons
154 All Night - Chance the Rapper
155 Sorry Not Sorry - Bryson Tiller V 2 Comments
156 You Are My Sunshine - Morgane and Chris Stapleton
157 2 Phones - Kevin Gates

Are you joking? This song is awful! - WonkeyDude98

Stupid song ever heard - jaaaa

Dope song dude

WHAT?! NO! - kayarichardson_llama

158 What Happened to Us? - Shura
159 Beauty from Pain - Electus
160 I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It - The 1975

The title sends chills down my spine. - WonkeyDude98

Ironically, the album doesn't have that kind of tone that the title has. - Tristan1975R5

The title is way too long. - Powerfulgirl10

The title is so weird - astroshark

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