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141 Exist - Avenged Sevenfold

Oh for the Lord's sake! 304th!

Exist and Higher by Avenged Sevenfold. How is that stupid starboy song number 1? - GuitarMann

142 New Romantics - Taylor Swift

Honestly, I think that this should have been a hit. Not as big as Wildest Dreams, because that would mean it would instantly wear out on me thanks to overplay. But seriously, this is a great pop song. Upbeat, not bitter, and pleasing. 4/5 - WonkeyDude98

Really? One HUNDRED and SEVENTY NINE? One of her best!

Let's move on to something fresh and original already!

This song should've been a massive hit. I don't know why it completely flopped. I'm a huge Swiftie and this is my 3rd favorite song by her. - KcSunshine1

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143 No More Parties In L.A - Kanye West
144 Fatal Illusion - Megadeth

It's really sad to see Rihanna and Justin Bieber higher than this masterpiece. - NikBrusk

Justin Bieber is better so no need to be unhappy with the ranks. - AlphaQ

Sweatshirt Above This? , Kill Me - VideoGamefan5

Kickass song!

This song is cringeworthy, and is NOTHING compared to Desiinger.

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145 Sansa - Gareth Emery
146 Serac - Katatonia
147 Yung God - Russ
148 Daddy Lessons - Beyoncé

This is somehow better and more country than most songs on country radio this year. How did that even happen? - Zach808

I like how Me Too is above this... - ProPanda

149 Kevin - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

A great song Macklemore is looked at by his overplayed radio hits but his other less popular songs are so great.

150 Greedy - Ariana Grande

Nickelodeon turned Ariana Grande into a greedy Belieber, didn't she? She doesn't deserve to be praised for being racist, licking doughnuts and putting them back, being cruel to (the much more underrated and superior) The Cab and having these fake, childish bunny ears that Nat Wolff is going to masturbate to. I give this song a 1/10. If only Michael Jackson got praise. If you actually like Ariana Grande songs, I can respect your opinion.

Not gonna lie, while this is basically Into You with horns, this is unbelievably sexy. And cue the downvotes. 5/5 - WonkeyDude98

151 The Girl is Mine - 99 Souls ft. Destiny's Child & Brandy V 2 Comments
152 And Dream of Sheep (Live) - Kate Bush

This song is from over 30 years ago, on Kate Bush's masterpiece album Hounds of Love. It was not a single then. This year she released a live album of her 2014 concert series, with this as the album's single. Though her voice has notably changed (whose wouldn't after 30 years? ), it retains all the emotion of the original and then some. I strongly encourage you give this and the original a listen and hopefully you can put aside trying to understand and absorb it from a logical standpoint and just FEEL the emotion of the song. - theOpinionatedOne

153 Falling - Xiu Xiu
154 Brace for Impact - Sturgill Simpson
155 Youth - Troye Sivan

This song barley has bass or beat so awful! - jaaaa

This feels like it shouldn't be as perfect as it is, and yet is still flawed. Granted, I like it. Troye has a lot of real charisma and personality behind his whispery vocals, the lyrics have a lot of sentiment behind them, and the beat is interesting.

But like, that drop...4/5 - WonkeyDude98

156 Ace Hardware - cupcakKe
157 Redbone - Childish Gambino

Really engrossing song. The lyrics aren't for everybody but the atmosphere it creates is AMAZING. It really should be higher! - higgsboson2142

Are you kidding me? 228? - l12345h

158 Moth Into Flame - Metallica

Should be #1. Only reason it is not is because people of today like the crappy ass music. But this one is just awesome. A song that gave me goosebumps,

This song is just pure AWESOMENESS! Especially the "Sold your soul, built a higher wall" part, just catchy!

One of their best songs of all time! Spine tingling riffs, and great vocals

What happened to music? Well, at least se still have Metallica - Disturbedpotato

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159 No - Meghan Trainor

THIS SONG is no! And so is her choreographer.

My reaction: No. - Elina

The most fave singer

NOO! -1/5 - AlphaQ

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160 Company - Justin Bieber

I may feel embarrassed to like a singer everyone hates but this song is very good at it's best - Neonco31

Come on. This song is awesome! I give a 8.5 out of 10 for this (1.5 from his past problems) - Chromium

I love Justin Drew Bieber a lot and I'm so sad that he deleted his Instagram over Selena he must be really upset (remember I love you Justin)I love this song it's so catchy but who agrees to me that he's at the same place and wearing the same clothes as the cold water video

Even though I despise Justin Bieber, this is pop PERFECTION. 5/5!
The BEST song on Purpose and probably his only good SINGLE
(WDYM, Sorry, and Love Yourself were awful).

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