Ranked!: Episode 12- Every 2017 Hit (So Far)

ProPanda So. I've been changing my opinion on a lot of these songs. So, I'd like to get this out of the way to tell all of you where I stand with my opinion on 2017 as a whole. According to PulseMusicBoard, these are 77 songs that have stayed on the charts long enough to make an impact. I'm also adding Wild Thoughts because it'll be here in a week or so, and I'll include In The Name Of Love and Chill Bill because let's face it, they were big hits that got caught between years at the wrong time.

The Awful Tier (0/5)

80:Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes
So. This lasted longer than I expected. Screw this whiny, obnoxious, manipulative garbage. Thank god this guy got better.

79:Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly X Camilla Cabello
Fastball did it better.

78:Dirt On My Boots by Jon Pardi
This annoys me. I get the appeal, but every-time I hear it, I want to grab the nearest knife and stab it down my throat.

77:Believer by Imagine Dragons
First things first, the instrumental is garbage. The drums are too loud, making the rest of the beat unlistenable which also gets in the way of the whole sonical structure. Dan is following one pattern, while the drums are following another. Ok, maybe not, but it sounds slightly off beat. Second things second, why am I hearing the Migos flow? Yes. They're actually incorporating that. Next things next, the way this dude frames his lyrics is very obnoxious. Last things last, the chorus. He is literally screaming the word pain at me, how am I supposed to react? It's a song about destroying your incapabilties and becoming a believer in yourself. This dude seems to forget the "believe in yourself" and is focusing more on going super-sane and destroying everything. And it's not just the screaming, the way he says things on the chorus, trying to sound sinister (although I don't know why) and failing miserably. Screw this.

76:Heathens by twenty one pilots
It got slightly less awful! You happy Wonkey?

75:Now Or Never by Halsey
So. Halsey. I used to really like Halsey. Then she released Now Or Never, her worst song to date. That is, until she released hopeless fountain kingdom of course. But, my hatred for Halsey's personality can be summed up in a bedreview. Anyway, this song is something different. The lyrics are pretentious, the vocal melodies are atrocious and the instrumental is particularly bad, and it gets worse when you realize it rips off Rihanna's far superior Needed Me. I hate it. Everything about it. But what pushes it over the edge is that after hearing this song, I realized a lot of this issues apply in Badlands. And honestly, a song disappointing me is one thing. A song making pushing your artistic credibility over the edge (selling out) is another. But a song being so disappointingly bad, that it makes someone's good songs not good anymore, that is the lowest of the lows.

74:Rolex by Ayo&Teo
This is very, very irritating.

The Bad Tier (1/5)

73:Down by Marian Hill
I can't tell if this song's overplay made the album get better or worse, but I honestly don't want to find out.

72:Deja Vu by J. Cole
I appreciate the cloud rap vibe, we could use more of that in mainstream rap music. It's just... the lyrics. Damn. Seriously, of all the songs on that album to be a hit, why this one? I guess I should be glad it's not Folding Clothes, but at least that song had some humor to it.

71:Side To Side by Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj
Can we all just agree that the chorus to this is beyond annoying? I can dig the vocal patterns on the verses, and Nicki does pretty good, but my god, the lyrics suck, the beat is annoying, and the chorus. I hate that chorus.

70:Hurricane by Luke Combs
Lyrics are generic, and the instrumental literally sounds like somehting the producers made because they needed a filler noise to drown out this dude's obnoxious voice. This hit me like a Hurricane alright. A hurricane of awful mediocrity. This is generic, even for country standards!

69:Issues by Julia Michaels
I've given up. The production actually grew on me, but what kept it from the meh tier was that it does not match her voice at all. Uh Huh might be a hit, and trust me I have no idea how to feel about that.

68:Party by Chris Brown
Can we stop giving this man hits? It's kinda catchy, but forgettable beyond the first line. Just remember Zero flopped while this reached the top 40.

67:In Case You Didn't Know by Brett Young

66:Say You Won't Let Go by James Arthur

65:I Don't Wanna Live Forever by ZAYN and Taylor Swift
Enjoy this while you can ZAYN. It's your last fresh breath of relevancy beyond that fanbase.

64:The Fighter by Keith Urban ft. Carrie Underwood
This got worse didn't it?
And believe it's not for the country vibe. Just look at this:
"Cause you're precious heart is a precious heart"
" Look in the mirror
You're beautiful, so beautiful
I'm here to remind you
You're my only one, let me be the one"

Also, the chorus is the most grating thing on the planet. Still dig the production tho. Kinda shocking how attempts from Florida Georgia Line and Thomas Rhett to make country obtain more edm and pop influences worked much more efficiently than a collaboration between the two of the most tolerable country stars on the planet.

63:Juju On Dat Beat by god knows who
The production grew on me, cause it's a dance song, and you can actually, you know, dance to this (I can't, but maybe you can!), unlike Hit The Quan or Watch Me. I've always like the Crime Mob song it sampled. Just the lyrics. They're encouraging at one point, and insulting at others.

62:24k Magic by Bruno Mars
The intro is trash, the production is... decent, the vocals are grating, and the lyrics are obnoxious. So yeah no, this sucks. Still love Bruno tho.

61:Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran
Hey Ed. Did you know this guy can't take criticism? He thinks he can sell records like Adele, and when a few people say they don't like him, he just deletes his Twitter. It's just on and off. On and off. Kinda disappointing from the guy who made Photograph.

60:Can't Stop The Feelin! by Justin Timberlake
This was more successful than I thought. 2017's Can't Feel My Face, I guess.

59:Closer by The Chainsmokers
I originally had this song in the bottom ten, but I moved it up to the top of the bad tier. I did this because it just felt like the right place to put it. You know, not in a really low spot where we're giving it more attention, but high enough so y'all know I hate the song and don't judge me for liking the video or something (and yes that happened, you know who you are).

The Meh Tier (2/5)

58:Let Me Love You by DJ Snake
Bieber sounds really great... on the first verse. His lower notes are killer. It suits the production too. Everything else? Eh. I can name 5 better songs on Encore off the top of my head. I'm still pissed the far superior Talk with George Maple was actually gaining steam on pop radio, but then the label stopped promoting it because Beliebers kept hyping up the "prince of pop music"'s collaboration with some "nobody".

57:Chained To The Rhythm by Katy
Objectively this is good, but I can't get over how bad the lyrics are. I can see Katy and Sia sitting in a studio writing the song. Katy: I want a song with a deep message.
Sia: What's the message?
Katy: Trump sucks.
Sia: Why?
Katy: Vote Hillary.
Sia : I GOT IT!
And then they made this.

56:Better Man by Little Big Town

55:Mercy by Shawn Mendes
The lyrics are really pissy, but the production is solid. Also, Shawn Mendes can't sing. He's very lucky he learned how to (we'll get to that later)

54:Bad And Boujee by Migos ft. Lil Uzi Vert
Both of these artists are lucky I'm praising them soon, because this is mediocre. Got better tho.

53:Tunnel Vision by Kodak Black
Ok ok ok. I hate Kodak. I really do. But the chorus is killer, the production is atmospheric, and the harmonization are perfect. However, everything else sucks.

52:iSpy by KYLE ft. Lil Yachty
Kyle is a douche, Yachty's verse isn't that great, but it's tolerable.

51:Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara
I guess I'm not in the demographic for this song, but this is too condescending and depressing to really mostivate me at all. Beat's good, and Cara's a good vocalist, so it's not that bad. I can tell she was really trying, which automatically makes this better than most of these kind of songs.

The Decent Tier (3/5)
50:Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee (with Justin Bieber)
Original is a 4, remix is a 2 (for obvious reasons). I just find it funny how this was #1 in so many countries, yet it took a Canadian to get these two Americans to #1 in the US.

49:Rockabye by Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul and Anne Marie
This is the musical equivalent of a salad. You listen to it, think it's great, make yourself feel so mature for listening to a pop with lyrics like this. Then, with more listens, you realize you'd rather be eating a pizza or something. You still like the salad, but there's better fish in the pond.

48:Swang by Rae Sremmurd
Ever since I grew out of my trap bias, I have a new opinion on every Rae Sremmurd song. Terrible stuff like No Type and Throw Sum Mo got worse because oh my god trap can do better, but songs that only have minor flaws like this and Come Get Her actually became likeable, because, hey that falsetto is grating, but it's a minor nitpick, and it could have been worse. I love the groove to this, and the production is good too.

47:Love On The Brain by Rihanna
This song is raw, retro, blusy and beautiful. I just can't get over the noises Rihanna makes on the prechorus. Besides the obvious, my least favorite single from Anti so far, easily. Still dope tho.

46:Look At Me! by XXXTENTACION
Ok, the production is dark and no that isn't right. I mean, the atmosphere.... eh. It's a dark, brooding, no. Ok, I don't actually like this song. But I need to explain why it's decent. There's a band in rap music called the Death Grips. They also make this gritty kind of rap with heavy production, distorted hooks, and punk influences (please tell me I'm describing this right). They're also kinda the best thing ever. And let's be real, if RunTheJewels haven't hit the Rap Songs chart yet, I doubt these guys will ever get to the Hot 100. So, if this is the closest we'll get, so be it.

45:Don't Wanna Know by Maroon 5 ft. Kendrick Lamar
So it grew on me. If I'm being honest, Adam sounds really nice on the verses, and the chorus is pretty laid back. The lyrics show Maroon 5 trying to cope with a breakup, and Adam telling himself not to be insecure about it convincing himself that he doesn't wanna know, over the nice, tropical production. It's just that Kendrick's verse is trash, and the prechorus is the worst. This is still alright tho.

44:The Greatest by Sia ft. Kendrick Lamar
If it weren't for Kendrick being so disappointing, I'd love this. The production suits Sia perfectly, and the lyrics are really nice. Sia has a great voice which works well with the atmosphere. To be honest, I don't know why I don't like this more.

The Good Tier (4/5)

43:Cheap Thrills by Sia ft. Sean Paul
It's good, I guess.

42:Mask Off by Future
Great flute, nice atmosphere, but kinda boring. Still good, I guess.

41:Brocolli by D.R.A.M

40:This Town by Niall Horan
It's boring, but nice. Really nice.

39:Body Like A Backroad by Sam Hunt
See guys? I can like a country song! The instrumentation is perfect. The fake guitar solo, the repeated chords, it represents the shallow lyrics perfectly. Sam Hunt's drunk and lazy vocal tone actually does a good job with portraying the message as well. But in addition to all of this (which was most likely unintended lol), this just sounds perfect. It's so catchy, and has a great vibe. I'd put this in the great tier, but... you know, being called Body Like A Backroad won't take you all the way. And btw, this isn't trolling, all of this is genuine. Feel free to attack me in the comments.

38:In The Name Of Love by Martin Garrix X Bebe Rexha
The drop is ear rape, but I dig it.

37:I'm The One by DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo of Migos, Lil Wayne, Chance The Rapper
It’s a catchy pop rap song that’s really relaxed. Could do without Wayne’s verse, but it’s nice.

36:Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers And Coldplay
Chainsmokers are litty lol subscribe 4 more

35:XO Tour Llif3 by Lil Uzi Vert
It’s good.

34:Both by Gucci Mane ft. Drake
It sounds nice. Very catchy.

33:Starving by Hailee Steinfield ft. Grey and Zedd
If it weren’t for the drop I’d love this. Hailee’s voice is nice, the lyrics are… something, and the rest of the beat is very calm.

32:Stay by Zedd & Alessia Cara
The drop is terrible. Everything is else is amazing.

31:Starboy by The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk
Now that the album hype is over, this really serves no purpose. Still a dope song though.

30:Don't Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers ft. Daya
Yeah, could do without the farting bulldozer, but I love everything else.

The Great Tier (5/5)
29 songs. Maybe I'm overrating this a teeny bit.

29:Million Reasons by Lady Gaga
Gaga is back. Now where’s my A-Yo?

28:There's Nothing Holdin Me Back by Shawn Mendes
Shawn sounds competent, the instrumentation is energetic and the lyrics are great! He’s not complaining about his stiches, knowing what I did last summer, begging me for Mercy, telling me he’s Bad a daddy can, no it’s just a nice, natural love song, with genuine power. Good job.

27:Caroline by Amine
How do you hate this?

26:Fake Love by Drake

25:T-Shirt by Migos
Production is great, it’s catchy too.

24:Castle On The Hill by Ed Sheeran
Think god this caught on, best song off of Divide.

23:Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna and Bryson Thiller
Sample is killer man.

22:I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk
The better collab between two legends.

21:Chill Bill by Rob Stone ft. J Davis and Spooks
Sucker for Tarantino man.

20:Congratulations by Post Malone ft. Quavo of Migos
THAT HOOK. It’s amazing. Quavo’s verse is the GOAT of the year, btw.

19:Passionfruit by Drake
Good vibes man.

18:HUMBLE. by Kendrick Lamar

17:Sign Of The Times by Harry Styles
Oh hey that’s cool. Louis was better though. Still, good job mate.

16:Love Me Now by John Legend
God bless John Legend. He’s just such a nice guy, who makes nice music, that sounds nice to the ears.

15:Slide by Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean & Migos
Oh he’s good now.

14:Water Under The Bridge by Adele
Don’t let the low rating fool you, this is easily her best song.

13:Bounce Back by Big Sean
took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I took an l but tonight I.

12:Party Monster by The Weeknd ft. Lana Del Rey
It’s good, it’s good, IT’S GREAT! Also, the “a** like Selena line is a foreshadowing lol”

11:Redbone by Childish Gambino
Stay woke

10:DNA by Kendrick Lamar
I think most of the internet explained this one already.

9:Paris by The Chainsmokers
Guess this might not make my best list after all. Anyways, it’s pop perfection. The gleamy piano, the fresh synths, the atmospheric drop, the production is amazing. The lyrics, which tell the story of a couple who might not make but want to escape to their paradise to escape all the barriers surrounding their relationship and if they break, they’ll go down together. It truly is magnificent.

8:Location by Khalid
Already reviewed the album, glad this was a hit.

7:It Ain't Me by Kygo X Selena Gomez
Nothing changed.

6:That's What I Like by Bruno Mars
This just keeps getting better man.

5:Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd ft. Gucci Mane
It’s good.

4:Unforgettable by French Montana ft. Swae Lee from Rae Sremmurd
The vibes man.

3:Goosebumps by Travis Scott ft. Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick’s verse is great. But Travis really steals the show. It really is something. This made my 50 best songs of 2016 list. Yup, it was among the 50 chosen from the 1000s of songs I listened to from 2016. That’s impressive.

2:Cold by Maroon 5 ft. Future
Future’s verse grew on me, so yeah this bangs hard.

1:All Time Low by Jon Bellion
Well, I think I’ve talked enough about this.

Final Score: 236/400
Definitely a great score, but I expected better tbh.
Well, idk what’s next, but see y’all!


This is WonkeyDude98.

80. Body Like A Spit Take (of all the country songs you like...it's this abomination)

79. Penitentiary
78. Know Some Young Boys Like To Hang
77. Some Real Juju Right Here
76. So Baby Pull Me Closer To Hell

75. Party (oh hell this is gonna make the year end innit? )
73. But Why'd You Put A Hole In My Parents (OH GOD NO WHY IS THIS GONNA MAKE IT)

For the record, Look At Me is NOT Death Grips. Death Grips actually have an edge and have beats that bang competently.

72. Exchange By Bryson Tiller Except It's J. Cole
71. All My Friends Are Dead
70. Am I Out Of My Head? I Know You Are.
69. Tree Chew Better
67. I'm Gon' Keep Loving You Down Down Down
66. Don't Wanna Know Know Know Know I Won't Give Up Nah Nah Nah
65. Paris = Ugly Parents
64. Say You Won't Get Bored
63. This Song Has Issues
62. Turn It Up It's Your Least Favorite Song
61. Maria Maria by Santana Except Somehow Even Worse
60. The Fighter (damn you CMAs)
59. My Bedsheets Smell Like Teen Spirit
58. Can't Stop the Feeling...
57. Rockabye (I blame this being here on my radio, they play it THIRTY TIMES A DAY, and that made me realize that thinking the song was decent was stupid)
56. Love Me Now (I blame this being here on my radio, they play it THIRTY TIMES A DAY and it was already mediocre at best to begin with)
55. I Don't Wanna Live
54. Bad and...just Bad
53. T-Shirt By Thomas Rhett But Significantly Better
52. I'm The One But There's Five Of You (Bieber is now officially the worst person ever)
51. Rolex (I lied: I've never liked this abomination, I just said I did because it's a trap rap song and I needed some way to prove that I'm not biased)
50. Caroline (I'll tell you how someone can dislike it: it's dull, stupid, lazy, annoying, and mindless)
49. Percocet, Molly Percocet
48. Something Just Like Roses
47. Who's Gonna Convince You That 2017's Good? It Ain't Me

46. Dirt On My Boots (probably gonna be lower by the end of 2017 because screw this year)
45. That Girl Is A Real Crowd Pleaser
43. Hurricane (thought this was mediocre at first but again screw 2017)
42. I Need Ya I Need Ya I Need Ya Right Now (the more I listen to this the more I realize this sucks)
41. I Want You To Know That All You Have To Do Is Stay The Night
40. Both
39. I Didn't Know That I Was Starving Till I Looked At You
38. Despacito (remix because screw this year)

37. Fruit
36. Please Have Mercy On This Year
35. Better Man
34. Let Me Love You By Ariana Grande But Remotely Tolerable
33. ispy (yeah let's get real: this sucks)

32. >tells me to be humble >starts bragging
31. Kill Bill
30. That One Song Shawn Mendes Pretended Was On Illuminate
29. Cold Enough To Chill Bill
28. Last Night Took An L But Tonight I Took An L
27. Location By DJ Khaled
26. Congratulations Post Malone, You Made Something Tolerable
25. In Case You Didn't Know, Your Taste Sucks
24. You're Beautiful/Amazing Just The Way You Are

23. Cheap Thrills by Sean Paul
21. If The Whole World Was Watching I'd Probably Crap Myself Out Of Anxiety
19. I'm Good I'm Good I'm...Not Great
18. That's What I Like, Not What I Love
17. Unforgettable (ironic title)
16. An Adele Song That Isn't River Lea

14. I Get Those Goosebumps every time
13. Icicle Bicycle Tricycle (from last year so no best list)
12. Slide
11. Shawty Got Low Low Low Low Low Low Low Low
9. Castle On The Hill
8. What Redbone would sound like if the rest of the year was terrible
6. We Don't Have To Rush
5. All My Friends Are Slow Take It Slow (from last year so no best list)
4. LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE (from last year so no best list)
2. I Got I Got I Got I Got Royalty Got Loyalty Inside My DNA.
1. Indicud I'm Rollin' Up My Broccoli (from last year so no best list)

I'm forgetting a song, someone tell me what I'm missing.

TOTAL: 142/395, roughly 36%. ABYSMAL.

Kind of sad how no song so far this year has been good enough to outrank the third best hit song of 2016. Also keep in mind: I have 34 worst list contenders. In July. And you also have to remember ALL of these songs are guaranteed besides Chill Bill and ITNOL, and those songs are actually ENJOYABLE.

This year is something special. - PandaDude98

"Kind of sad how no song so far this year has been good enough to outrank the third best hit song of 2016"
You know, as much as people compare you to Mark, sometimes I imagine every word of yours being spoken by a PC TheDoubleAgent. - PhenomentalOne

@PhenomentalOne So true. - ProPanda

PC TheDoubleAgent?

I'm like, way worse than Ethan.

Also DNA. is probably (PROBABLY) my actual #1, I just didn't give it that so I could make that reference. - PandaDude98

I'll have my rating up in some time. - visitor

Wonkey: Just so everyone knows, I already don't give out -1s lightly...-2s are different. They basically cross the line of me hating the artist and in most cases make me hate the person. They need to have a shot at or have been bad enough to be the worst song I've ever heard.

My rateyourmusic worst of 2017 lists are going to be a bloodbath. - PandaDude98

Havana needs to be on here. But awesome list - 1507563

Prepare yourself.
80. So baby pull me closer to the end spot of this list...
79. Armed robbery and sexual assault
78. I know that I can tree chew BETTAH!
77. Watch Me, Hit The Quan and now, this.

JUST DIE Tier (-1)
76. PAIN!
75. Can't Stop The Feeling!

TORTURE Tier (0)
74. Don't Wanna Know you did this, Kendrick.
73. Why do all Spanish songs sound the same-ito? Burrito.
72. Rain drop, drop top, end my life.
71. Capital of France
70. All my friends are dull, shoot me in the skull.

69. I'm The One
68. RIP Ed Sheeran's creativity

67. Wild Thoughts
66. Clone of Roses - The Chainsmokers and Coldplay
65. That's What I Like ("I liked this, but then I realized that that was because I wanted to. Then I started to hate this, but then I realized that that was because I wanted to" - Ethan a.k.a. The Double Agent)
64. Body Like A Back Road (I actually like the melody, but the lyrics...)

EH Tier (2.5)
These are basically songs I haven't heard and I can't be bothered to. To avoid misjudgement, I'm giving them the half score. There are 24 songs in total. Prepare for an onslaught of country.

Dirt On My Boots
Deja Vu
In Case You Didn't Know
The Fighter
Better Man
Look At Me
The Greatest
Fake Love
T Shirt
Chill Bill
Love Me Now
Water Under The Bridge
Bounce Back
Now Or Never
Million Reasons

39. Down (The flaws are so obvious, I feel like killing myself)
38. Swang
37. Issues (Per Down)
36. The Cannibal Anthem
35. Bad Things (Camila sounds good here)
34. 2 losers compare themselves with legends.
33. IN THE NAME OF *dies of ear cancer*
32. Passionate from miles away
31. Cold - Adam Levine
30. I Want To Die
29. It Ain't Me

28. This Town
27. Stay
26. Mercy (and while we're on that subject...)
25. There's Nothing Holding Me Back
24. Love On The Brain
23. Scars To Your Beautiful
22. iSpy
21. Rockabye
20. Don't Let Me Down
19. Cheap Thrills
18. Side To Side
17. Broccoli
16. 24k Magic

15. Location (Khalid has a knack of making simple lyrics sounds good.)
14. Let Me Love You
13. Mask Off (The flute makes it seem like Future is in some monastery, seeking spirituality and enlightenment)
12. Chained To The Rhythm (Good song, wrong singer, WRONG time)
11. Say You Won't Let Go (please)
10. Woke up by a girl, I don't even know her name.
09. Castle On The Hill (Why wasn't THIS the #1 song for 10 weeks? )

BEST SONGS OF ALL TIME (OK, not really) Tier (6)
08. All my friends are heathens, take it emo.
07. Low low low low low low low low low low x infinity.
06. Sign Of The Times
04. Sit down.
03. I'm tryna put you in the worst mood, ah.
02. Stay woke.
01. I Feel It Coming

Score - 228/400 = 57% (Not as bad as I thought, ignoring the songs I haven't heard) - PhenomentalOne

Very intresting ranking, my friend. I cannot seem to form a prediction on where the songs you haven't heard would end up... - ProPanda

You being sarcastic? - PhenomentalOne

no - ProPanda

80. Boobie like a Crack Toad
79. Treat You Better
78. Closer (Smokes wrsot )
77. Now or Never (please be never)
76. Juju on that Beetroot by who dis
75. Say you'll let go
73. Merci
60. I Don't Know by Mooron 55555
55. Castle on a Castle on a Hill
50. Very Cold
45. Raindrop Drop Tops
40. XXXTentacles Looking at Me
35. Swanging a club at yung negus
32. Fake Love
31. Random Phone number by Logic
30. Rolex (tolerable but weak)
25. Very Wild Thoughts
17. Gyalchester
16. Scars make me Beautiful
15. Dollar Sign of the Times
14. Bounce Back
13. Low Life
12. 24K Magic
11. Starbucks by The Weeknd
10. Bitch sit down
9. Low low low low low low low low
8. All my friends are eating steak and snow
7. Mask off (no ill keep my pumpkin mask on)
6. Brocolli
5. ISPY on your wife
4. I Feel it Coming
3. Dat Wot I Liek
2. I'm The One

Overall 41% Tolerable but music wasn't very good, 2016 was better and hopefully the 2nd half of the year would be good. - AlphaQ

It's 2018 but I'm gonna do this anyway because I saw my old nooby review I deleted.

doesn't deserve to be on here tier
83. Tunnel Vision
82. Treat You Worse
81. I Don't Wanna Live Forever

the songs lovefrombadlands thinks are the worst of 2017 tier (actual beginning)
80. Sign Of I'm Bored Now...What's the Time
79. Love Me Now
78. Dirt On My Boots

the songs lovefrombadlands doesn't know so she puts at random rankings tier
77. Party
76. Not Looking At You
75. Black Beatles
74. Not So Unforgettable Because I Don't Know It
73. Party Monster
72. Bounce Back
71. Slide
70. Congratulations
69. Passionfruit
68. Chilly Billy
67. T Shirt
66. Caroline
65. Both
64. Broccoli
63. Mask Off
62. Redbone
61. Swang
60. Worse Man You Should Tell Me To Know Your Song
59. The Fighter
57. Hurricane
56. Goosebumps
55. Deja I don't know

the ew tier
54. Rolex.
53. Down
51. No, YOU Be Humble
50. I Have 100 Million Reasons Why I Don't Like This
49. Juju Bad Beat
48. Not Being In Your Location
47. Drive Highways And Boundaries To Get Away From This Song
46. I Can Fake Love This Song
45. Leave
44. This Is A Boring Tour. XO, Llif3
43. DNA
42. Bad And Poo-jee
41. Starving
40. I Spy A Song That Doesn't Deserve To Be 40...Why Did I Do That?
39. Say I Will Let Go
37. When I'm With You All I Get Is A Copycat
36. Cheap Thrills

the ok tier (finally, half of the stuff was in ew I bet...)
34. That's What I'm Ok With
31. Slowly en Espanol
30. I Don't Wanna Know Why Kendrick Lamar Ruined A Song
29. I Love Swimming In The Water Under The Bridge If It Isn't Cold
28. Turn It Up I'm OK With This Song
27. Scars To Your Average

Lovefrombadlands likes these songs
26. Must Be Loaf On The Brain!
25. Don't Let Me Down
24. Doing 1 in a 95, I drive too slow, I even put It In A Song!
23. Let Me Love You
22. Look What You Done, I'm A STARBOY
21. There's Nothing Holding Me Back
20. Good Things
19. It Ain't Me
18. Issues
17. Forward To Backward
16. Shape Of You
15. Rockabye
14. Castle By Halsey Is Better Than The One On That Hill
13 (Actually 24) 24thK Magic In the Air
12. I'm The One That Would Be Higher If It Weren't For Waning Crescent Moon
10. I Want More Songs To Be Like This

I took 3 songs off the list, so I'm skipping to 7.

The How Was Lovefrombadlands Alive Before She Heard These Songs Tier
6. I'm Not Copying AlphaQ by 21 Pilots
4. We Were Staying By The Eiffel Tower
3. Closer
2. Now Or Never
1. I Forgot Something so I'm adding Heaven In Hiding.

OK, that's all, you probably can't tell what half of these are because of the names. - visitor