PandaPop Roundup: August 2017 (YFN Lucci, Nirvana, more)

ProPanda This is new monthly series I'm starting. Because I don't have time to do Ranked episodes for every genre chart in existence every three months or so, I realized, why not just take the songs you care about from those charts and talk about them there? And that's what I'll do. But I won't limit myself to the charts, I'll just talk about whatever songs are on my mind.

Trigger warning (particularly for djpenquin999 and to an extent Archie): this is very, very, very plebby. I'll talk more about some obscure, hipster music in an upcoming post.

Ok, anyway, let's start.

Everyday We Lit by YFN Lucci ft. PNB Rock
So, a lot of people are calling this song terrible and generic. These are the same people, may I remind you, that are looking for a fun rap song for the summer. And to be honest, that infuriates me. Like, people are like, "trap music is so boring" and whatnot, and a guy finally comes here with a song that sounds like summer, with a beat that's upbeat, lyrics that aren't that offensive, and a performer with charisma, and a catchy hook, and y'all hate it just as much. What do you people want really? 4.5/5

Revolution Radio by Green Day
This is the most Green Dayish song Green Day have released in a long time. Catchy chorus, energetic verses, and the slick edge that the bands tends to put on the table. The guitar is amazing, with the opening riff really catching the feeling of urgency. I love the melody as well.This song is really fun to listen to, but my god, it is stupid as hell.
"Scream, with your hands up in the sky
Like you want to testify"
"We are revolution radio
Operation 'no control'"
" Give me cherry bombs and gasoline
Debutantes in surgery"
"Rise, of the slums to the obsolete
The dawn of the new airwaves for the anti-social media"
"We will be seen but not be heard
We are the songs of the disturbed"

Man, I hate Trump too. I'm an active supporter of anti-biased media. But please, you are in your forties, stop trying to make politics hip for the kids. Makes everyone look stupid. 4/5

Use Me by Goo Goo Dolls
Some radio stations have started playing it. I want it to be a hit, so site members who live in the US: call/tweet/however their local pop radio stations and request the song... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

As for the song itself, there's not much to say, other than the fact that this adult-contemporary appeal POP-ROCK band from the late 80s are managing to make a song that just sounds fresh. Not compared to anything, just sounds like something new and good... like a red velvet cupcake. The beat is relaxed, the vocals have nice effects to create a master sound itself and the lyrics are really nice. 5/5, please make this a hit, even if it won't.

Rape Me by Nirvana
Nirvana's best, from the lyrics to the guitar to the atmosphere. But overall, I just love the way this sounds. 5/5, one of the best songs I've ever heard.

So Close by Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness
This is pop perfection. I love the 80s perfection, the really nice lyrics, Andrew actually sounds like a competent singer for once on the album (believe or not, Zombies On Broadway shrunk on me big time), and the chorus is catchy. The music video is pretty over the top as well, and I like that. It's a nice song, you know. Wouldn't mind seeing this cross over to the pop charts. 5/5

So yeah, let me know what you guys think. I have some songs in mind for the next episode as well.

Now, a special announcement: I'm working on a RANKED episode. However, this time, the songs are up to you. I need twenty songs, and you can request as many as you like.

As for what to expect next, I might do a Linkin Park tribute, I will do a 2017 catchup album review post (fair warning, it'll be mostly hipster), and that special ranked. The teen pop starlet analysis I've been hyping on Twitter will turn into a blog series.


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