4X4: Wild Thoughts/I'm The One vs. Attention vs. Redbone vs. Praying

Spark_Of_Life I took an unannounced break from this site for three months or so. I had a family emergency and a good friend moving away, in addition to other things. I just want to say, before we start the bloodbath, that I love this site and kind of regret leaving it behind for a while when it had some pretty great people on it. Never change except for the better, TheTopTens, never change except for the better.

Ok, enough with the Hallmark card stuff. Let's get started.

I once heard someone describe DJ Khaled as "that fat, antisocial guy of the friend group that everyone hangs out with out of pity". Well, that's an accurate statement if I ever heard one. His two monster singles this summer, "I'm the One" and "Wild Thoughts", cannot successfully be escaped on the radio except for when the play "Despacito", which will not appear on this list because 1) I would just be basically yelling at it, and 2) NOT EVEN "CAN'T STOP THE FEELING" WAS AS OVERPLAYED AS THIS IS. AND THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING.

But I digress.

Anyway, yeah, I guess the fat kid has got fat pockets or something cause "I'm the One" and "Wild Thoughts" are pretty much inescapable. If I had to choose between the two, I guess I would pick the latter, because of those sweet guitar licks (completely stolen from Santana's "Maria Maria", btw). Not much else of note there, though, except that Rihanna has never sounded more vapid. "I'm the One" has a good intentions, but it ultimately falls apart under Justin's annoying "oh-whey-oh"'s and a completely unnecessary and ear-splitting verse from the god of autotune rap, Lil Wayne. I guess both get a 4/10. Move along folks, nothing else to see here.

If you've watched my movements on this site over the past year and a half, you know my hatred of Charlie Puth. I always found him whiny, wimpy, and basically the vocalist equivalent of Mickey Mouse if his voice was a little deeper. His new song, "Attention", takes all those flaws and throws them in a blender. I guess we're supposed to see Charlie as a strong guy standing up to an insistent ex, but due to his whiny delivery, he just comes across as a guy you can walk all over. That terrible, six-year-old way he says "mine" on the bridge makes me want to vomit all over the 2/10 this is getting. Why not 1/10? He's trying out guitars. They actually don't sound that bad.

Oddly enough, our next song reminds me of "Mulholland Drive" a two-hour David Lynch Masterpiece of mystery, smoke, double identities, and a love story set in the city of angels. That's right, it's"Redbone" by Childish Gambino. It's a smoky, seedy, blue-lit bar at midnight of a song. You can almost taste the sinister vibe, even over the high-pitched delivery, which you would think would be terrible but actually makes the whole thing more irrisistible. Those bells and soulful backing vocals just add layer upon layer. No one was not suprised than I was when I heard this on my local top 40 station right after aborted s***stain "Despacito". It's a 10/10 song so good it will make you look over your shoulder every once in a while.

Oh, Kesha. Remember when you had a dollar sign in your name? Remember when you made vapid, guilty pleasure party songs as trashy as a rerun of "Pretty Little Liars"? Remember your tearful and heartbreaking lawsuit with that monster, Dr. Luke? Remember how, just three years later, you emerged phoneix-like with the single that blows every previous one right out of the water? Remember the piano and actual instrumentals used? Remember the confident, never-going-to-take-me-down lyrics? Remember your delivery, confident yet fragile at the same time? Remember when I gave one of the best comeback single since "Crack a Bottle" a 10/10?

Remember "Praying"?

Until next time.


Oh my god yes GOOD OPINIONS lol

Damn it so glad you're back. - ProPanda

Welcome back.

I'm the One/Wild Thoughts: 1.5/10 for both.
Attention: 6/10.
Redbone/Praying: Strong 9/10 for both. - visitor

Oh yea
Wild Thoughts: 10/10
I'm The 1: 8/10
Attention: 8/10
Redbone: 10/10
Praying: 10/10 - ProPanda

I'm The One: 2/10
Wild Thoughts: 2/10
Attention: 2/10
Redbone: 10/10
Praying: 10/10

Am I the ONLY one that loves Ke$ha nearly as much as Kesha? - PandaDude98

I love Ke$ha more lmao - ProPanda