Lovefrombadlands's 2017 Year End Charts - Lovefrombadlands 11/10 Reviews

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Lovefrombadlands 11/10 reviews. Today, I will be showing you what my version of Billboard's Year End Charts would be. Also, I am only doing the top 5 of each category.They also all have items that are actually on the year end chart, except for songs, where I just show my top 5 favorites. Without further ado, let's begin!

Top Artists
1. Halsey
Halsey has had a lot of success this year with her song Bad At Love (Which deserves to be #1 on the top 100) and Hopeless Fountain Kingdom was an amazing album which has had Walls Could Talk crowned as the new best song in existence, so she is definitely deserving of #1, not #24 on the real year end.

2. Maroon 5
Maroon 5 did well on the charts like always in 2017, and they were quite deserving. Cold was amazing, and Don't Wanna Know was nice. (except for Kendrick Lamar's part) They had also released an album called Red Pill Blues in 2017. Wait should be a hit, in my opinion.

3. Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons! They had released Evolve towards the middle of 2017, which had a lot of success in the tracks Believer and Thunder. Thunder was not the best song, getting very repetitive, but Believer was excellent. A song called Whatever It Takes (which is my new favorite Imagine Dragons song) should have replaced Thunder, though.

4. Eminem
Eminem's new album Revival was quite good, minus a few tracks. River did quite well on the radio, but I feel like the album needs more recognition.

5. The Chainsmokers
The Chainsmokers had Memories Do Not Open, which was not their best. I am adding The Chainsmokers as #5 because their music was helpful to me. I met one of my best friends through our liking of the band. Closer and Paris (Although Closer is from 2016) were successful and excellent songs in 2017.

Kodak Black did not deserve to be on there. He was a horrible artist, releasing songs that you could not survive listening to unless the volume was all the way down.

1. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom
Look. Halsey has proved to the world that she can write radio music. It is just as good as her other music. How is that possible? I do not know, but she is Halsey. This album is home to the best song in existence, Walls Could Talk. Each track is amazing and unique. 11/10.

2. Divide
Sure, Shape Of You is not the best song, there is much better tracks on the album. Take Castle On The Hill and Perfect for examples. They are nice and slow paced songs that aren't boring! 11/10. I liked Shape Of You, too, despite overplaying.

3. Evolve
Imagine Dragons's Evolve had a variety of tracks. Songs like Believer are different from songs like Dancing In The Dark. But also, every track seems to go together really well with the others. 10/10.

4. The Beautiful & Damned
Hey, look, a good rap album! Wait...what? Sure, G-Eazy released this album in December 2017, but it is still 2017. The songs go together very well, and his collaboration with Halsey, Him & I, is doing well on the Billboard Top 100. 9/10.

5. Beautiful Trauma
Pink did an excellent job on her album. It has powerful tracks and the songs do well on the Billboard Top 100. What About Us is overplayed, but other songs like the title track are just amazing! 9/10.

Really Honorable Mentions
Badlands, Crybaby, Starboy, and Unorthodox Jukebox were on there (and amazing) but they were not released in 2017, so I did not include them on the list.

17 by XxxTentacion was an utter disgrace to music! It did not deserve to be on there!

1. Walls Could Talk by Halsey
So, this is the best song ever. It has amazing lyrics, an excellent rhythm, and just something about the singer's voice that just sounds so amazing. The only bad thing is the length. 1 minute and 42 seconds, really? Anyway, 100/10.

2. Bad At Love by Halsey
I promise this is the last Halsey song I will put. This song did extremely well on the Top 100 towards the end of the year, and it was my favorite song for 3 months after the day it was released. Halsey also sounds excellent on the chorus! 11/10.

3. Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons
Whatever It Takes has a good beat, an amazing message about not giving up, and amazing vocals by Dan Reynolds. My favorite line is "I'm an apostrophe, I'm just a symbol to remind you that there's more to see." It is just an amazing and catchy song! 11/10.

4. Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man
I first heard this song in a lemonade commercial. I had also never heard of Portugal. The Man before the release of Feel It Still. The amazing track was so unique and the singer had a lovely voice. I just wish that there was another verse. 11/10.

5. Wait by Maroon 5
The first time I had heard this was when I was reacting to songs I had never heard. It was immediately my favorite song. It is very catchy. Adam Levine also sounds amazing and this is is a great song to dance to! 11/10!

Mask Off by Future is just boring and repetitive. I do not know why it was on there.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading! What did you think was the best song of 2017? Bye everyone!!


Halsey is the album is the best YAY! - visitor

That’s because it is the actual best, I mean Heaven In Hiding is on it! - visitor

As godawful as XXXTENTACION is, 6ix9ine is waay worse
And Divide only has one other track other than COTH that’s decent, but that’s just me.
Other than that, great job. - StarlightSpanks

Oh wow, this is HQ and according to me, “Imagine Dragons” is a sentence. - visitor