Believer - Imagine Dragons


This has been a disappointing year for music so far. Every song I have heard that has been released this year has either been bad, okay, or good, but this song is really the only song released this year that I LOVED.

This song is awesome, one of there best songs yet. The beat is amazing, and the 'BELIVER' part is just outstanding too. This song is in my Top 10, it's incredible! - micahisthebest

YES! This song is a top ten! Last time I looked it was 13 but now it is 8! I still think it should be 1 though. The beat is incredible and the whole song is so catchy!

This is by far the best song of 2017. The lyrics have an amazing message, it has a really good beat, and it's not super poppy and boring, unlike many of the other songs from 2017... just saying - caroline01

This song has such a great beat there is meaning behind it and putting an imagine dragons song and a paramore song on a list full of pop is a shame

I don't really care if I get hate to be honest: I like this song (even if Nintendo overused it). - DCfnaf

It's actually one of the worst songs of the entire year, to be honest. The chorus sounds way too dark to resemble a triumph, the writing structure of the song is really lazy (ie: Dan repeating x things x four times), and Dan's vocals on that hook are abysmal. 1/10. - NiktheWiz

This song is awesome and the lyrics are relatable. Should be top 5 at least - JESUSISKING

Absolutely best song of the year, without a doubt superior to all the pop-nonsense of these days...

This is the only song which I like from this year why so low?

The whole Evolve album is so good.

Same as the rest of these people

I swear this song was #7 yesterday and now it's #19. - CharCharBinks

Amazing! It should be much higher than this!

I play it about 5 times In a row in the car! - THEEPICDUDE990

This is the best song I've ever heard

Much better than most songs on the radio, in my opinion.

This dong is awesome, it should be nos 1 and is much better than any other song on this list.#iamabeliever!

Am I the only person who doesn't give a care about this? - Swellow

The band sounds so much younger than they are

This is Imagine Dragons' worst song. =( 1/5 - AlphaQ

Okay look, I actually like this song and think this site overhates it. However...the top ten? Over Camila Cabello, Brothers Osborne, Bruno Mars, and Miley Cyrus? - DCfnaf

I listen to this song when I'm feeling down (Of course, I do that with most imagine dragons songs)
The lyrics actually have meaning and I absolutely love it
Thunder is also a very good Imagine Dragons song - VocaloidFan1119