Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran


Sad how Shape Of You held the #1 spot for 12 weeks and is still there when this song flopped. - JamesBourne

I had a lovely day relaxing by the beach with my 2 sons. I thought what could make this day any better? that's right a little bit of music. I turned on the radio only to hear this loud screeching sounds. I looked over and saw my two kids bleeding to death from their ears. There was nothing I could do but turn off the horrible murderous sound of Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a great musician and is a great inspiration to me and everyone around us. His songs are great and I'm glad its in the top 10.

This song shows what we all feel felt or are going to feel in the future and it something very meaningful to Ed

I love castle on the hill it is so soothing but is not overplayed like shape of you

I watch MTV2 every other day to see the music video for this. This and Shape of You are some good songs. - EliHbk

Beautiful tune that you just can't get out of your head! Lyrics are so meaningful.

Why do pineapples dance with jesus in the music video

You should check out the group Home Free's version of Castle on the Hill.

Definitely my favorite of the year. This song is awesome

Yeah! But, I think this should be number 1. BEST SONG EVER!

This is one of the best songs ever I love Ed Sheeran

MUCH better than the very overrated Shape of You. - isaaonrtdmtr

Ed Sheeran has made a comeback amazing song! - Turnippman

This song is better than Shape of you yet it's less popular than that? - Ohno

It is so catchy! I can't sum it up any more!

I was not expecting this song to be at #1... - ProPanda

Much, much better than Shape of You.

Love this song- my favorite song - foxandwolf

How is Ravens at #1 and this only at #8?! Castle on the Hill is so much better! D:

Edd Shearhan is all I now hees the best thing ever too me I wish I was young enuff too mary him

Shape of You is great, but this song is way better.We all know that anyone can sing about sexual love, but this song is a true masterpiece.It's a song about growing up, making mistakes, and enjoying the little things of life.It's lyrics is meaningful, and it matches with the calming melodies and tunes of the music itself.It makes you feel joyful, but with a sharp pain of melancholy when it ends.It's so realistic and is definitely a gem and we could still see the effort Ed Sheeran put into this, but also the It being relatively easy to demonstrate in reality.Again, Shape of You is good, and l'm not against it, but it's practically the work of devils for it to be so much more popular than this song.