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201 Crying in the Club - Camila Cabello

How is this all the way down here

This is a really good deserves to be a lot higher than this

202 Perfect Places - Lorde

Greatest pop song of the year in my humble opinion

Easily Lorde's most upbeat track to date. I love this album and I hope Wonkey ends up listening to this at one point. - DCfnaf

203 All Time Low - Dirty Laundry

222 my ass, come on guys vote!


204 Redbone - Childish Gambino

It's not that I love this song but I just can't stop listening to it.

This isn't my favorite song of the year, but it's pretty damn awesome and I'm adding this because I know the music nerds on TTT love this song. - DCfnaf

205 Brave for You - The XX Brave for You - The XX
206 My Old Man - Zac Brown Band

Love the Zach brown band- but castle on the hill is better - foxandwolf

Moved down almost 200 spots lol - 1507563

Uh no. 0/5 - AlphaQ

207 White is Right - Pink Guy

Amazing. Quality music. All I have to say. - UltimateCraig

This song is so funny - DoroExploro13


208 My Little RNR - Danko Jones
209 First Time - Kygo & Ellie Goulding

Kygo just bores me. - DCfnaf

Great songs - 1507563

Bob was here

210 My Mistake - Candice Glover

I'm here on this list to talk about and defend what I believe is underrated music that deserves more attention. "My Mistake" is a great R&B song. Candice is one of the best female vocalists since Whitney Houston, along with singers such as Amy Lee, Adele, and Kelly Clarkson. She sings with beauty and power and the background effects like her lines echoing only make the song more relaxing and enjoyable. I can't wait for Candice's new album this summer because she is easily up there as one of the most underrated singers with Amy Lee. You've impressed me Candice, let's see if you can impress thetoptens. - DCfnaf

Well this is awful. She's boring and the beat is so lame. Whyyy? 1/5 - AlphaQ

Really, this is lower than Cupcakke and Princess Vitarah? - DCfnaf

This song is ok. I like her voice, and the lyrics are alright. The beat isn't very pleasing though. 3/5. - ProPanda

211 House on Fire - Rise Against
212 Picture That - Roger Waters Picture That - Roger Waters

Best song from the best album of 2017.

213 Ascension - Gorillaz


214 Magnolia - Playboi Carti

This song has the best chill vibes... needs to be higher on the list!

Idgaf what anybody says this is my best song of this year

Song Of the Year Scrubz - AlphaQ

Carti spend a hunnit on a f watch piece that's filthy I new yok I milly wok had it in my soh

Yeah I love this song...

215 Champion - Fall Out Boy

This isn't their best at all, but I don't mind this based on the sample I just listened to. - DCfnaf

Its insanely good, I fell in love with it on the first hear

216 The Story of O.J. - Jay-Z

Really Jay - Z this is the point you have sunk to - Thecyanryan

217 D Rose - Lil Pump

Very complicated lyrics in this song an amazing track

This song is so fun

Trash - UltimateCraig

218 Bad Liar - Selena Gomez

This has some nice vocals. However they are powerless and the song overall is sort of boring. 1.5/5 - AlphaQ


(also seeing this above Younger Now makes me so happy)

sample is great, vocals are nice, lyrics are cool, and it's just SO catchy. 5/5

lol I sound like a retard. Song's great though. - ProPanda

219 Permanating - Steven Wilson
220 Move You - Kelly Clarkson

Love So Soft is great and all, but this should've been the one that got a video first. Anyways, I am glad Kelly Clarkson has returned and is releasing new music with Atlantic Records. Here's to the beginning of the Meaning of Life era. - NiktheWiz

"Love So Soft" was somewhat underwhelming to me. This on the other hand... - DCfnaf

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