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221 House on Fire - Rise Against
222 Wall of Glass - Liam Gallagher
223 Picture That - Roger Waters Picture That - Roger Waters

Best song from the best album of 2017.

224 Ascension - Gorillaz


225 The Man - The Killers

The Killers return with an upbeat song, showing how badass this band is, without changing their punkish rock pop style into another typical 2017 pop band. 5/5 for this song. - DennisLai290

The Killers are back, and this song is a statement - MTDiorio19

226 Woman - Kesha

Damn. Since I use the one artist per entry rule on my yearly's going to be hard to decide between "Praying" and THIS, because both are absolutely fantastic. I honestly think "Rainbow" is going to be a better album than "A Crow Looked at Me" and even "Melodrama". - DCfnaf

Rainbow should be an interesting listen, I'll say that.

Obviously Praying is an incredible song and one of the best of the year, but a part of me likes this song just as much, if not a little more. It really does kinda go back to her dumber, louder party songs but it's far more ramshackled and wild. Kesha's giving it her all to sell this crazy independent woman archetype and she NAILS it. Her vocals are raw and biting, the production is tough as nails, and with the chunky percussion, tight groove, and horn section, you could see this is a swing number infused with pop on steroids! Geez...keep it up, this'll be album of the year. For the record, I did listen to Mount Eerie's A Crow Looked At Me. 6/5 - WonkeyDude98

227 Magnolia - Playboi Carti

This song has the best chill vibes... needs to be higher on the list!

Idgaf what anybody says this is my best song of this year

Song Of the Year Scrubz - AlphaQ

Carti spend a hunnit on a f watch piece that's filthy I new yok I milly wok had it in my soh

Yeah I love this song...

228 Champion - Fall Out Boy

This isn't their best at all, but I don't mind this based on the sample I just listened to. - DCfnaf

Its insanely good, I fell in love with it on the first hear

229 The Story of O.J. - Jay-Z

Really Jay - Z this is the point you have sunk to - Thecyanryan

230 Permanating - Steven Wilson
231 These Heaux - Bhad Bhabie

Not gonna lie, this is really catchy. - ProPanda

Extremely horrible! - EliHbk

Cash me outside how bout dat

Just...why? -5/5 - DCfnaf

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232 I Dare You - The XX I Dare You - The XX
233 Test Me - The XX Test Me - The XX

XX os XXXTENTACION confirmed. - AlphaQ

234 Believer - Major Lazer & Showtek

Run Up shouldn't be above this. - ProPanda

235 So Close - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

The weakest of the four singles, but I love the disco and funk elements. This album is looking good. 5/5 - ProPanda

What is this? A year best songs list where I fully agree with #1? - ProPanda

236 Anymore - Goldfrapp

I am so thrilled with Goldfrapp's return. To be honest, as beautiful as it is, Tales of Us just didn't feel like it was a Goldfrapp project to me. It eliminated so much of their signature electronic sound that it felt like a different band with Alison's voice. With Silver Eye, I think Alison and Will have something to remind the fans of their glory days. - theOpinionatedOne

If this lead single is setting the overall tone for Silver Eye, it's shaping up to be their best album since Seventh Tree. Musically, it reminds me of Black Cherry, their best and most consistent album. I'm eager to hear them back to doing what they do best and that's kick-heavy genre-bending dance music with grungy synths and spacey trip-hop ballads. 5/5 - theOpinionatedOne

237 Move Your Body (Single Mix) - Sia
238 It's Not Design - Lupe Fiasco It's Not Design - Lupe Fiasco

Great song with a jazz influence, from an overlooked but amazing artist, Lupe Fiasco!

239 Shether - Remy Ma
240 Jaws - Dat Adam

Avantgarde hip hop. Highly challenging to listen to. You either think it's pure emotion spread over a beat by a group who really feels music with every heartbeat and scream, shout and roar out all of the vibes... or you think it's noise.

I say: that Adam are at it again. The realest, roughest group of the 21st century and propably the first since the 90s that really put emotional catharsis over either perfection or convention. It's gritty and weird - but real. - Martin_Canine

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