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321 Blue Train Lines - Mount Kimbie
322 Know No Better - Major Lazer
323 Lights Out - Royal Blood

One of the only good songs of 2017 royal blood are sick

324 Your Song - Rita Ora
325 Timeless - Taylor Swift
326 Junky - Brockhampton
327 The Evil Has Landed - Queens of the Stone Age The Evil Has Landed - Queens of the Stone Age
328 Waves - Kryder & Erick Morillo
329 Paradise - The Rasmus
330 Coming Home - Mike Tramp
331 Silence - Marshmello

Not only does this song have Marshmello but it also has powerful lyrics.

332 Glorious - Macklemore
333 Imperfection - Evanescence

A very good song, but I wish that the whole album would have consisted of new songs. It's been a very long time since their last album, and I don't think they needed to be experimenting with this one and re-recording old stuff. - mood333

I really don't know what to think of this.

Basically every band that we all like is starting to decline. Fall Out Boy started doing EDM stuff, Imagine Dragons did "Thunder", Linkin Park sold out with their final album, and now Evanescence is kinda doing this electronic stuff. It's fiine, but it pales in comparison to Fallen and The Open Door by far. The verses also suck.

However Amy sounds great and the chorus is fine. So for now: 3/5

EDIT: It grew on me. 4/5 - DCfnaf

334 The Heart from Your Hate - Trivium
335 Dream On - Amy MacDonald
336 Thunder - Imagine Dragons

GARBAGE. 0/5 - DCfnaf


Nothing special, enjoyable melody, nice vibe, terrible pitch shifting, decent overall. - ProPanda

337 The Last Of The Real Ones - Fall Out Boy

Now go back to my older content, and you'll see I used to be obsessed with pop rock. And this has all the groove, all the catchiness, all the vibes of that stuff. I'm sure I'd like this more a month, ago, but man if this isn't something I can listen to all day. Much better than Champion, but it's gonna take a lot to top Young And Menace. 6/5 - ProPanda

This is SO MUCH BETTER than "Young and Menace" and "Champion"! 4/5 - DCfnaf

338 We Know Where You F***ing Live - Marilyn Manson

Please I love this skng

339 Andromeda - Gorillaz
340 Misery - Blink 182
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